Emoji Memory Game – Fitness & Team Building Activities


Emoji PE game

Emoji’s are so popular now with both kids and adults. We wanted to adapt this theme so that teachers were able to include it in their lessons. Our new Jumbo Emoji Memory Game incorporates both team building and competition elements. It is also an active game with fitness elements and can be used in both after school programs and PE classes.

With rules for 5 different games, this game has entertaining options for 2 players or teams, ages 4 to adult! It includes 48 large cards with an emoji graphic on the front. There are a total of 23 different emojis. There are 2 cards showing each emoji except for the “poop” emoji for which there are 4 cards. The back of all the cards are the same and show an assortment of emojis and the game name. Some of the games have rules variations that call for the use of a pair of Fitness dice. Continue reading

Jumbo Games Unit for Physical Education


As a PE teacher, I sometimes find myself teaching the same skills and lessons each year. Teaching some of these lessons to all K-5th grade classes can get a bit repetitive, so I set out to find something new to share with my students to start out or end the school year and get them excited for PE. I had previously seen ideas on social media for Jumbo Jenga and Jumbo Kerplunk, and always wondered how I could incorporate those games into my PE classes. With those ideas in mind, I came across an inflatable bowling set as well as an inflatable field goal post with a football included. With these two additional activities, I came up with the idea of teaching a Jumbo Games Unit! This unit had a total of 4 activities, and was setup in a station format. I had groups of 4-6 students at each station and each group participated in the activities for approximately 6 minutes each.

Jumbo Jenga

You might decide to build this yourself if you are on a budget, or save time and order Jumbo Jenga online. I also decided to add a fitness twist to make the game more active. I took each block and wrote down an exercise that would be easy for my students to read and understand. These were also exercises that I had previously taught in class before, and reviewed the day of this lesson. Examples include “5 Push Ups”, “20 Second Wall Sit” and “5 Curl Ups”.

PE jumbo games

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The Biggest and Best Jumbo Games!


What is there not to love about jumbo games? We’ve compiled a list of our BEST, BIGGEST, ENORMOUSLY COLOSSAL, Jumbo games!

Mondo Mancala

A jumbo version of the classic Mancala game! The inflatable game board make it easy to transport. You can play it on the floor or on the table top, or even in the pool. The size allows kids to get exercise moving around the board while playing. Comes with 56 balls and instructions for both Mancala and toss games using the target.

mancala jumbo

 Super Tumbling Timbers

We’ve added a whole new dimension to the classic stacking game. We’ve even included optional rules and variations to accommodate different levels of play. As a team-building exercise, use 2 sets of Super Tumbling Timbers for side-by-side competition. Includes 54 wooden blocks, instructions and zippered storage bag. Plays just like a giant or jumbo version of your favorite stacking game!

jumbo games

Gianormous Chess Set

Add a whole new dimension and level of fun to this traditional game of skill and strategy! Includes enormous 10 ft square vinyl game mat and giant game pieces. Game mat includes grommets and pegs to anchor to the mat to the grass. Each piece features a removable screw on/off base that can be filled with sand to allow the pieces to stay in place when used outdoors and in the wind.

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13 Products You Need This Summer!



Okay so maybe “need” is a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll let you be the judge. Get ready to have a blast this summer, because you can plan the best summer ever with our favorite products. I think you’ll agree that these items are great for outdoor fun!

13 summer outdoor activities

Super Sizing Summer for Super Amazing Fun

Jumbo Jam Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop summer

Adults and Kids could have fun with this for hours.  It’s a safer version of a bounce house and there are so many games you could incorporate with it.

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Candy Land® Game with a Healthy Twist


candy land healthI love this activity for kids! Who didn’t enjoy playing Candy Land® as a child? It’s a great game, but let’s face it, it doesn’t send the healthiest message. That’s where S&S comes in! Jumbo Nutrition Island is one of our S&S Exclusive products created by Brian Feeney, our Sports and Recreation product manager. He put a healthier spin on the classic board game by creating fun characters like Broccoli Bob, Betty Banana, and Tommy Toast, bringing excitement to different food groups and choices for kids.

The jumbo size gets kids out of their chairs and encourages them to be active with exercises like “Crab Walk” and “Hop on Two Feet” through fitness challenge cards. It is the perfect rainy day activity to keep kids active while stuck indoors. The game would make a great addition to your camp program, after school room, physical education class or even for a special event. It can be adjusted to accommodate groups of players from Pre-k to middle school aged children. At the easiest level, no reading is required and color recognition and match skills are practiced on a nutritious and food friendly island. In more advanced versions, players are tested on their knowledge of food categories and will be
required to move around to move their player piece forward.

The game includes a giant 4′ x 5’4″ vinyl game board, 6 Friendly Food game pieces, 72 play cards including 12 movement cards and rules.

nutrition game candy land®

Brian even created a printable activity sheet with suggested fun and educational activities based on the age and size of your group. Check out the product and activities here on our site. View our video below with a group of Pre-K students having fun playing the game!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this game as teachers, educators, and activity planners. How would you incorporate Jumbo Nutrition Island into your program? Let us know in the comments below.