5 PE Blindfold Activities for Elementary School


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Communicating with others verbally in a variety of situations is one of the soft skills for students to develop at the elementary level. I like using blindfold activities help students develop verbal communication skills as they determine the best vocabulary words to use to reach a desired outcome. Through the years, it’s been rewarding to see kids start to understand the importance of their verbal communication through blindfold activities. Some students feel frustrated with each other and want to give up. Other students stop and problem solve by choosing different vocabulary. Other students find quick success when they choose not to rush and understand that “slow and steady wins the race.”

Prior to participating in the blindfold activities, students brainstorm together what words to use in order to successfully guide someone who is not able to see to perform a variety of tasks. In all the activities below, students are only able to use words to guide their blindfolded partners. They are not allowed guide by touch or using their hands. The blindfolds I used are from S&S Worldwide.

Tour Guide

This is a great introductory activity. Students get in pairs and take turns guiding their blindfolded partner around the gym without running into anyone or anything. This activity enables students to practice and discover the best vocabulary words to use to guide their partner. Provide time for students to reflect and discuss with other students what words were successful for them.

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Take PE Home Activity Tubs for Grades K-5


An idea I developed to encourage family fitness was to provide an opportunity for students to take PE equipment home and create activities to play with their families. I purchased five large plastic tubs, one for each grade level, K-4. I selected equipment where I had at least 5 items that I would not miss for class or did not use as often.

I also helped S&S Worldwide create these Take PE Home Tubs to add to their physical education product line. They are segmented by grade levels K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. It was exciting to be the one to inspire them, and to see my idea become something that everyone could incorporate into their PE class. You can find the Take PE Home Tubs on their website here.

family fitness take home PEItems in “Take PE Home” Tub:

I use an app to randomly select a student from each grade level who takes the tub home on Friday and returns in on following Thursday. If at the time their name is chosen they have positive ClassDojo points, I contact their parents prior to telling the student to be sure it would be a good week for the “Take PE Home” tub. Continue reading

Featured PE Teacher – Jason Leach


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Jason Leach!

jason leach pe teacherAbout Jason Leach:

I teach at Independence Elementary in Keller, TX. This is my 11th year at Independence Elementary and my 24th year of teaching. We currently have 541 K-4th Grade students that I have the privilege of seeing twice a week. Continue reading

Family Fitness Night for Physical Education


family fitnessI started looking for ideas to encourage families to participate in PE activities together after reading a few tweets from other teachers about their Family PE and Fitness Nights, and attending a session on Family Fitness led by Lindsay Dillon at the #PhysEdSummit 2016 Conference.

Using those ideas as inspiration, I planned four Family Fitness nights this school year. Students were invited to bring their families to the gym on the date designated for their grade level to participate in games and activities they play during PE class. Two of these nights have taken place so far and both have been a big success. One night had over 50 families attend. It was great to see the students, their moms and dads, along with older and younger siblings being active playing games together. I carefully selected a variety of games and included tag games, skill challenge activities, and cooperative games. Continue reading

Mini Golf Lesson for Physical Education


Mini Golf Physical EducationPE Teacher Jason Leach shares how to play Mini Golf in your PE class:

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ideas and creative solutions for physical education. In Spring of 2015, I came across a video about a Mini Golf Lesson on Ben Pirillo’s YouTube channel. If you’re not familiar with Ben Pirillo, he is the 2016 TAHPERD PE Teacher of the Year and 2016 SHAPE America’s Southern District PE Teacher of the Year. I’m always getting great ideas from him and this Mini Golf Lesson really grabbed my attention. Not only was the activity incredibly creative, but mini golf is a fun activity that students can connect to their experiences going to miniature golf courses. Continue reading