Which Basketball is Better for My Program?


basketball buying guide

At S&S Worldwide we sell over 200 Basketball Products, so if you’re unsure which ball is best for the needs of your program, event or activity – this guide will help you. There are many things to consider like where you will be using it, how old and the size the participants will be using the basketball and ofcourse – your budget. We are here to break down the differences of our basketballs for you based on size, material, definition and brand. Plus we’ve included a link to our favorite basketball activities from PE Central here and you shop 20% off the basketballs at S&S Worldwide, by clicking here. 


Size Basketballs come in a variety of sizes and different terms are used somewhat interchangeably to describe them.
Term Size/Number Circumference / Inches Description / Uses / Ages
Official 7 29-3/4” Used for most men’s professional, recreational and high school leagues. Also used by women in some international competitions like the Olympics.
Intermediate 6 28.5” This size ball is used for most women’s professional, recreational, high school and middle school leagues. It is also often used for boys middle school leagues and games.
Junior 5 27.5” Used for elementary school aged kids.
Mini 3 22” Mainly used as a toy, not suitable for playing basketball.

easy guide for basketball sizes

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Tips on How to Marble & Supplies for Marbling


One of my favorite craft products that we have started selling this year is our Marbling Kit. I was first introduced to it at our internal New Products Trade Show, and I liked it so much that I purchased our marble concentrate to try myself at home.


This craft was so much fun! It takes some prep work, but the great news is you can mix the concentrate ahead of time (you need hot water and a whisk) and store it, or put aside until you are ready to use.  Although pictures and the short video from our trade show below will give you the main concept of marbling, as a first time user I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that you can refer to before you get started.

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Fund Raising and Grant Writing for After School Programs


Fasten your seat belt, this article is a trip into the (sometimes) dull but essential world of finance. My pledge to you is to make these explorations useful and informative, and to lead you to fund raising and grant writing success for your after school programs. Then after you get your grant, you can head here to find out how to continue getting funding.

After school program grants come with their own set of challenges, not the least of which is finding a funding source. For today, we’ll assume you’ve found a source (there will be more about this later, I promise).

After school programs have gone through changes in recent years. You’re used to images of students sitting at desks with worksheets designed to put anyone to sleep, and teachers at the front of the room snoozing behind newspapers. Now (thankfully) we see active, alive, purposeful, carefully designed project based learning programs. Halleluiah! Kids have always deserved the best we can provide, especially after school.

after school boredom

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