PE Bulletin Boards & Lessons Plans for Nutrition Month


March is a great month to focus your lesson plans and bulletin boards on the importance of nutrition, because it’s National Nutrition Month! PE Central has many resources to help provide students with the knowledge they need to lead nutritious and healthy lifestyles. Below are some of our favorite ideas and activities.

Bulletin Board Ideas

What’s On Your Plate? – It’s important for students to learn and be aware of the 5 food groups. Use MyPlate as a guide and create a visual to remind students all month about the best types of food choices.

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MyPlate Activities for Middle School Health Class


myplate activity healthI have some students this year with extreme Latex allergies that have been unable to participate in some of the kinesthetic learning activities incorporated in our Middle School Health class. Thus, the challenge to locate a Latex-free ball became a major target that I wanted to aim for before this school year ended. Hours of my time before and after school was filled with both phone calls and researching to attempt to locate allergen-free physical activity products. When I finally discovered that S&S Worldwide made some Latex-free products, I began celebrating! Finally!!! I was so excited that these Latex-free gator balls would actually be able to be touched by those allergy-prone students. The first time that one of my students was able to join in the game, the entire group of 8th graders began clapping simultaneously. This young man’s life was socially, mentally, emotionally and physically improved because of this.

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Healthy Choices for Kids – Tips & Snack Recipes


healthy choices With Every Kid Healthy™ week coming up (April 25-29) and the Y’s Healthy Kids Day® (April 30th), we recognize the importance of encouraging students to make healthy choices and understand nutrition. A great way to do this is through cooking classes and introducing healthy snacks that kids can try and even make. Chef Rita Neal from Growing Great Schools has shared some great recipes and tips on how to help students eat healthier.

As a professionally trained chef one of my greatest joys is being in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes. Over the past several months I have been focusing most of my experimentation on recipes that appeal to kids. Five years ago a group of parents and I helped start a nonprofit called Growing Great Schools (GGS). Continue reading

Physical Activity at Lovettsville Elementary School


It’s important to highlight schools that are particularly great at inspiring kids to be more active and get the exercise they need. Physical activity in schools is becoming more and more essential, and there are a number of programs out there that can help your school improve. Hugh Brockway, a physical education teacher from Lovettsville Elementary School in Virginia, shares how his school made some important changes to make sure students get moving throughout the day. Here is his story:

It all began with our school becoming involved with Fuel Up to Play 60.  Lovettsville Elementary has been active with Fuel Up to Play 60 since 2012. Since then, our school and students have made small, everyday changes to encourage students to eat healthy and be active for at least 60 minutes every day.

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Health & Wellness Education at Colonial Hills School


Health and WellnessHaving a strong health and wellness program in your school is very important. We love to highlight schools that have made a difference in physical education. Coach Terri Pitts from Colonial Hills Elementary School shares how her school educated their students and the community about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

Colonial Hills Get’s Active:

Colonial Hills Elementary is located in San Antonio, Texas and has approximately 780 students. It is a bilingual school, and approximately 80% of the families are considered economically disadvantaged. Two years ago our school initiated a Wellness Committee comprised of twelve staff members and six community partners.

We also initiated our Colonial Hills’ KSHAC (Kids School Health Advisory Council). It is a 21 member council of enthusiastic 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students that meet two to three times a month to develop their own ideas on ways they can promote health and wellness through their actions on our campus. They act as leaders by being the voice for the student body as it relates to physical and mental health.

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