Kaleidoscope Craft with Educational Activity Ideas


kaleidoscope craft activities

The EduCraft® Kaleidoscopes Craft Kit is one of our most popular craft kits. It makes 25 kaleidoscopes that rotate to make spectacular patterns. This is a great group activity for the classroom, afterschool, or at any educational program. View the instructions below, along with 7 different activites related to math, social studies, science, and written language.

Age group: 8 and up

Project Time: 60 minutes

kaleidoscope materials

Your kit contains:

  • Long Cardboard Tubes
  • Short Cardboard Tubes
  • Frosted Plastic Circles
  • Cardboard Circles with Hole
  • Clear Plastic Circles
  • Silver Acetate Sheets
  • Assorted Beads
  • Tape
  • Teaching Guide with instructions and illustrations

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Collaborative Art Projects For All Ages


Collaborative art craft kitsWhat is Collaborative Art?

Collaborative art projects offer a group the opportunity to create a lasting project that each individual participates in. Creating a collaborative art piece takes patience, respect, teamwork, and helps to build a community. We encourage you to integrate these 4 ideas into your creative process. Continue reading

Under The Sea Crafts For Finding Dory Fans


Finding Dory comes to theaters on June 17th! We are so excited to see our favorite characters on another under the sea adventure. Here are some of our best ocean themed group crafts inspired by the movie.

Color-Me™ Fabric Sea Life Creatures

Under the Sea theme

These super cute sea creatures come in a 12 pack, with 4 each of an octopus, crab, and turtle. Kids can color their own sea pals with fabric markers! Great for a under the sea themed party, and for celebrating the premier of Finding Dory. Continue reading

Group Craft Activities for Father’s Day


Need some Father’s Day craft activities for your classroom or afterschool program? We’ve chosen 5 of our favorite DIY group crafts to share with you that can be made with just a few simple materials. Kids can give their dads a personal gift made from the heart – and have fun making them!

Neck Tie Craft

Father's Day crafts

Our Color-Me™ Neck Ties are perfect for Father’s Day! They come as a pack of 12 plain white ties, and are less than $1 per project. Kids can use fabric markers, stickers, paint, or even yarn to decorate their tie. Elastic bands make them wearable too! Continue reading

5 Group Christmas Craft Activities


group craft activities holidayThe holiday season can be full of activities that are perfect for a group craft activity. Whether it is for a home holiday party, a Sunday School class or after school program, crafts can offer your group an opportunity to create something special for this season of giving. Here are a couple of our Christmas craft kits that can help your group get into the spirit! To make it even easier for you, remember that all our craft kits come with instructions and supplies!

Sparkle Tree Craft Kit

christmas craft

Kids can make and decorate their own Christmas tree! This pack of 12 includes the foam trees, mini pom pons, glitter glue and tacky glue. Use the assorted colors of glitter glue to add extra sparkle to your tree. You can squeeze out small dots, lines or swirls onto
the green foam making the spaces in between your pom poms shine!

Nativity FunScene Craft Kit

christmas group craft

A coloring activity great for an activity at a holiday fair, Advent program or Sunday School class. Once the pieces are colored, kids cut out the pieces and create their own nativity scene! This pack of 24 includes crayons, glitter glue, and glue sticks.

Holiday Ornament Craft Kit

holiday ornament craft

A colorful way to start your holiday! With 72 ornaments to decorate, this holiday ornament craft kit is perfect for a large group activity with varied ages. Use glitter squares, felt, color gem pins, and paint to create your own work of art! Plus there is no glue required!

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