North Park Elementary School – Health & Wellness


north park elementary schoolNorth Park Elementary has been a part of the Let’s Move Active School program since 2013 and is proud to be awarded the Let’s Move Active School National Recognition Award!  We have been working hard for many years to create a culture of health and wellness in our school. We have achieved this goal because we have taken advantage of many grants and opportunities along the way. Some of these programs include Healthy Highway and Fuel Up to Play 60. This award is truly the result of a team effort and a commitment made by teachers, students, families, and administrators to teach and model the value of healthy choices and a physically active lifestyle.  Of course, this did not happen overnight or without a tremendous amount of effort, but it has all been worth it to see the transformation and be able to make an impact on student health and wellness. Continue reading

Mahanay Elementary School – Health & PE Leaders


mahanay elementary schoolWe are proud to announce that Mahanay Elementary in Alief ISD located in Houston, Texas has received the 2016-2017 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award for our outstanding efforts in creating an Active School Environment. Alief ISD school programs incorporate the “New Health and PE” model. This new model is more student friendly and helps students learn how to live healthy and physically active lives by making good choices. Through encouragement from our leaders and independent research, Mahanay’s Wellness Committee was introduced to the campaign and immediately took action to participate.

Wellness Committee

Our Wellness Committee consist of active stakeholders composed of myself as the leader, the school nurse, cafeteria/nutrition manager, classroom teachers, PE Coach, Academic Interventionist, and administrators. Together, we will help develop, implement, and evaluate our success throughout the school year! Our Mahanay Elementary Wellness Committee Mission is to impact every student body along with their families; providing support, tools and resources towards creating their healthier lifestyles and community. Continue reading

How to Teach Students About Sugar & Nutrition


teach students sugarOne day I was looking at the sugar amount in our chocolate milk and the fruit juice that our cafeteria is offering. Both drinks contain 24 grams and 28 grams of sugar, totaling 52 grams. This total is 5 grams more than the daily allotment for the entire day that children should have, which is outrageous!

So, I used our Fuel Up Play 60 grant for Nutrition and Fitness to show the amount of sugar in beverages and food that students digest. We chose fifteen different drinks and food items. We also had a guest speaker on nutrition to show the effects of sugar on the human body. All K-5 grades had to attend our Physical Education Nutrition Presentation for this day, as many as four classes at once. Continue reading

Attica Elementary School – Making a Difference in PE


attica elementary physical education
PE teacher Bruce Patton shares his story on how programs like Let’s Move! Active Schools and Fuel Up to Play 60 helped students become more physically active at Attica Elementary School in Attica, Indiana.

I got involved in Let’s Move! Active Schools a few years ago to start looking for ways to increase our students activity levels in and outside of school, as well as finding funding to equip our school. After getting involved with Fuel Up to Play 60, Action for Healthy Kids, and BOKs, I found myself teaching new events and finding different avenues for funding. A stipulation on one of the grants was to be a member of Let’s Move! Active Schools and after getting into their program I found ways to evaluate our schools physical activity levels and lots of resources to revamp our program. Continue reading

Physical Activity at Lovettsville Elementary School


It’s important to highlight schools that are particularly great at inspiring kids to be more active and get the exercise they need. Physical activity in schools is becoming more and more essential, and there are a number of programs out there that can help your school improve. Hugh Brockway, a physical education teacher from Lovettsville Elementary School in Virginia, shares how his school made some important changes to make sure students get moving throughout the day. Here is his story:

It all began with our school becoming involved with Fuel Up to Play 60.  Lovettsville Elementary has been active with Fuel Up to Play 60 since 2012. Since then, our school and students have made small, everyday changes to encourage students to eat healthy and be active for at least 60 minutes every day.

physical activity in school

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