6 Tips for Teaching Students How to Research


teach students researchFiltering Information in the Information Age

Technology has revolutionized our world.  It has without a doubt created new forms of communication and learning, doing business, socializing, fame, and entertainment, among others.  In fact, technology has sent us into an information age like nothing we have seen before.  There is a tremendous amount of information floating around on the Internet as of now.  As an educator, that makes me wonder how much bad information there really is out there and how we can get students to know the difference. Continue reading

Physical Educators – Making a Difference


I love physical education teachers

Physical Education teachers are truly amazing! I have believed this ever since I become one back in 1986 and I was reminded of how truly special they are the other day while reviewing 236 responses to a survey that S&S conducted on PE Central. Question number 21 of the survey reads, “What gets you most excited about your physical education job?”

The responses to this question were truly inspiring and led me to write this blog post.

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