How to Make a DIY Puppet Theater for Kids


diy puppet theater

This DIY Puppet Theater can be used for many different themes in the classroom, afterschool, daycare, and other educational programs. Kids can learn storytelling, role playing, self expression, and more. It is great to use in categories such as Youth Character Development and a Bullying Prevention unit. Learn how to make the theater with step by step instructions below.

Suggested Materials: 

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7 DIY Superhero Crafts for Kids


superhero crafts diy

Kids will have a SUPER fun time creating these DIY Superhero crafts for a themed party or event! Learn how to make a Batman plate, Wonderwoman bookmark, Superman frame, and more.

Superhero Comic Frame

superhero comic frame


This is one of our favorite superhero crafts! Start by painting your frame with white acrylic paint. Then choose which comics you’d like to use. We used comics from Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Captain America, and The Flash. If you have a favorite superhero, you might decide to stick with one theme. You can use actual comic pages if you don’t mind cutting up one of your comic books. Another option is to search online for comic photos, and print them out on regular computer paper like we did. This way, you can scale them to size based on the frame you use. Continue reading

Peanut Gallery Craft Activity for Kids


peanut gallery wood craft

This adorable craft idea from our craft expert Crafty Kate is sure to make kids smile! They can create their own peanut gallery using wooden craft spoons and just a few other simple materials. Kate shares some fun design ideas, like a rainbow, pastel colors, and bunnies for Easter. We love that this idea can be used for any theme or occasion!


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Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day


Hearts are the traditional symbol for Valentine’s Day! There’s so many ways to show you care on this love-filled holiday. We’ve chosen 8 of our favorite heart crafts that are great for a variety of ages, and make wonderful gifts, decorations, and accessories. Each craft can be personalized and made from the heart!

Heart Frames

valentines day heart frame

Our adorable Color-Me™ bisque frames are the perfect memorable Valentine’s Day gifts! Kids can use acrylic paint to decorate, and add fun designs like polka dots, xoxo, or hearts. Once it dries, they can choose a photo for the center and bring it home to their family! Our 4×4 frames come in a pack of 24, so this is a great activity for the classroom and afterschool. Continue reading

How to Make DIY Galaxy Shirts


galaxy shirts diyThis year the S&S Trade Show featuring new products for 2017 has a galaxy theme! Our craft expert Crafty Kate helped everyone make their own galaxy shirts using just a few simple materials. This project is great for any outer space or galactic theme, like the 2017 VBS theme Galactic Starveyor. Each person can create their shirt with their own colors and designs, so each shirt comes out looking unique. Our Purchasing Deparment had a lot of fun creating their shirts for the show! Learn how to make them in just a few easy steps. Continue reading

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