Top 3 Literacy Support Materials for the Classroom


classroom literacyBuilding strong literacy and language skills is so important. They are what forms the basis for learning in all subjects. With effective instruction and literacy development in early childhood education classrooms, teachers and educators can have a substantial impact on these skills.

With many schools and districts focused on increasing literacy skills right now, we turned to our friends at Steps To Literacy to help us gather the best support tools to help you. Steps to Literacy specializes in curating customized classroom libraries based on reading levels, genres, topics and specific students’ needs. The expertise they have developed from providing thousands of teachers with literacy solutions has led them to develop some exclusive support materials for the classroom. Back in July, S&S brought on a handful of our favorites. We are excited to take a closer look at them below and share with you how you can use them in your classroom. Continue reading


Classroom Management for High School Teachers


high school classroom managementKISS – Keep It Simple Strategies – Classroom Management for High School Teachers

The challenges for high school teachers come in new flavors, one of which is “no time”. Between quieting a noisy class after the bell rings, students who wander in late, and teenage behavior, you have your job cut out for you! We’ll embrace these challenges one at a time:

Time Management for High School Classes

Block scheduling is one way administrators and high school educators have come up with to maximize the time available to handle complex material. If you’ve been in a school that is migrating to the block, you know how hard it is to adapt to having big chunks of time. You’ve been used to chunking your content into smaller pieces, now you have the luxury (curse) of more time to get your point across. Continue reading


Classroom Management for Special Education Teachers


special education classroom teacherToday’s KISS – Keep It Simple Strategies – Classroom Management for Special Education teachers.

For discussion purposes, we’ll assume you are a Resource Room teacher at the Elementary level. You are that miraculous person that takes the challenged children each day for resource. Let’s face it, it is a tough job and it’s important to know how to manage the students and your classroom.

Set Rules and Discipline

To help you reach your goals and theirs, you can implement some simple tricks to manage your time. Here are some basic classroom rules to help keep bad behaviors under control:

  1. Students listen to each other.
  2. Students use caring language.
  3. Hands are for helping, and when in the hallway, hold your own hand.
  4. Students care about each other’s feelings.
  5. We all take responsibility for what we say and do.

Continue reading


Classroom Management for Middle School Teachers


Middle School Classroom ManagementKISS – Keep It Simple Strategies – Classroom Management for Middle School Teachers

Now that we have covered the elementary grades, we now move on to Middle School. We can all agree; we’ve now entered a world of aliens, populated by students whose behavior tends to be guided by hormonal factors beyond our control.

Strategy #1: Are you prepared for Middle School kids?

I’ve seen so many frustrated and unhappy Middle School teachers who just haven’t embraced the concept of understanding and connecting with Middle School kids. It may sound simple but it isn’t. If you think you are a teacher that is struggling with connecting to this tricky group, consider sitting down with Human Resources in your district and asking for another assignment, perhaps a classroom in grades K-5. Continue reading


Classroom Management for Library Media Specialists


Library Media Specialists

Today’s Keep It Simple Strategies (KISS) – Classroom Management for Library Media Specialists

For discussion purposes, let’s assume you are a Library Media Specialist at the Elementary level. There is so much information about organizing school libraries in ways that will make the facility fun to visit. That’s my priority as a Library Media Specialist. I really want kids to want to be there. Here are some tips on how to go about making your library a popular place!

Make it Easy to Navigate and Understand

We teach Dewey Decimal system at this level and it helps, but sometimes a shy kid will need some extra assistance. I have prepared podcasts for listening on iPods in our library. Continue reading


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