3 Free Printable Activity Ideas to Engage Students


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Looking for an icebreaker or a way to kick off a theme or lesson?

Many of our customers at S&S Worldwide have themed activities or new lessons and units that they are introducing the students and children in their programs. We’ve gathered some very simple and very easy ideas to spark interest and relate upcoming or current themes to an activity.  Thanks to our friends at Education World for providing us some of their templates, we’ve accompanied them with ideas below.  These are pretty easy, can be done with on hand supplies – just print and watch students engage!

License Plate to a Fun Summer

The idea for this activity is to print one license plate with each child’s name, and something that is relevant to what you are trying to generate excitement about. For example, if you are using the printable for Summer Camp, start the activity by asking children to “Use their imagination to draw everything they hope to accomplish and do this summer at camp”. As a reminder, recap your themes for the season, and even some exciting field trips you have planned. Then they can use colored pencils, markers, crayons, and other craft materials to make it their own. Continue reading

Camp Counselor Checklist for Summer Camp


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Being a summer camp counselor is a fun and rewarding experience, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. With the importance of working with children and their safety in mind, there are certain essential items you need to bring with you during summer camp season. We’ve put together a simple checklist of items that you may not have thought of to keep your camp crew engaged, safe, and happy all summer long!


The top priority as a camp counselor is the safety of you and your campers. There will be bug bites, cuts and bruises, itching, lots of germs, sunburns and the possibility of more involved injuries, especially if you are outside in the hot weather. These items will help you be prepared for those eventualities. Continue reading

4 Outdoor Games for Summer Camp


outdoor games summerSummer camp is a treasured time of year many school children look forward to. It means time with friends in a less structured environment, with all the fun summer activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, and all those camp related activities.

It’s not just a great experience for the children who attend; summer camp for many is a way to make extra money, further their teaching experience, do something different with friends, and provide an experience they once had as a child. That is why it is important that the activities that staff can use with children are engaging, fun, and memorable. You want summer camp to stay special, and it won’t if you plan the same stale games each time. Here are some outdoor games that can translate to other educational settings, which have a fresh spin and will make any summer camper or staff member jump up and down all year for summer! Continue reading

5 Summer Camp Games to Engage Campers


summer camp gamesSummer camp has an unusual rhythm. Even though it can last anywhere from a week to eight weeks, it often feels much longer. The start of camp is fun and exciting. Everyone is getting to know one another, and lots of fun activities are going on. After some time spent at camp, however, campers and counselors can start to fatigue.  Then things usually pick up towards the end.  As a result, the last couple of weeks are fast and fun with lots of summer camp activities coming to a close.

So, what do you do when you notice things start to feel like they are dragging on and campers need a boost?  Below are five go-to summer camp games that engage campers and never go out of style.   Continue reading

5 Best Active Indoor Games for Rainy Days


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Summer rain storms can derail a well-planned day outside at summer camp, especially when they pop up despite the weather report for a clear day.  When this happens, there is no reason to panic. With a little indoor space and some creativity, you can have just as much fun inside as you would outside.  All you need is a couple of great indoor games in your back pocket.

As a physical education teacher and former camper and counselor, I can attest to the benefit of rainy day plans.  I always had a couple of go-to plans kept in a folder for rainy days.  In fact, where I teach there is no gym.  So on cold or rainy days, I have had to get very creative with my activities in order to still teach.  Below you will find some general guidelines to follow for indoor games, as well as some great go-to rainy day activities. These work for both summer camp counselors and PE teachers! Continue reading