Just For Kids Afterschool Program


By Kaitlyn Ferree, National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award 2018 Nominee

Just for Kids afterschool

The S&S Worldwide team is proud to be the sponsor of the National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award for Afterschool for 2018. We are honored to highlight the nominees and winners for their accomplishments and dedication to the afterschool community.

I graduated from Florida Southern College with a degree in Elementary Education and I went right to work teaching 1st grade and 2nd grade in Florida. I have always had a passion for working with children, which began when I was a freshman in High School and I volunteered at the summer camp in my hometown. It was through the rec league of Kennett Square and from there I was hooked. I went on to work at the camp as a counselor, and then after that I became the coordinator for two years before going to college. In college I wasn’t always sure what I wanted to do, but the one thing that I knew was I wanted to better the lives of children and make sure they are healthy and have the necessities to grow and learn. I ended up going into elementary education and I loved it. I got to learn new skills, ways to target different learning styles, and discovered that what works for some students doesn’t work for all of them. Continue reading

Waltham Boys and Girls Club – Afterschool Program


By Sarah Hebert, National Afterschool Association Next Generation 2017 Award Winner

I moved to Waltham in the spring of 2014 from Southbridge, MA and joined the Waltham Boys and Girls Club in the summer through my position as a One on One for the Greater Waltham Arc. After one day of training with the Boys and Girls Club, I was approached to join the team as a camp counselor and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a great program!

In the fall, I came back and joined the Afterschool program as a Group Leader while I worked to finish my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. During my time as Group leader I created and ran a brand new literacy based curriculum geared towards 9-12 year olds called “Literacy Leaders.” I channeled my passion for Creative Writing into our Education Block by teaching our children: Acrostic Poetry, Haikus, Sonnets, Blackout Poetry, Journalism, and free verse.

My time working with the local youth inspired me to participate in a Social Justice Residency, through Umass Amherst, and learn how to better serve and advocate for the youth in our community by thinking globally and acting locally. Continue reading