How to Make a DIY Puppet Theater for Kids


diy puppet theater

This DIY Puppet Theater can be used for many different themes in the classroom, afterschool, daycare, and other educational programs. Kids can learn storytelling, role playing, self expression, and more. It is great to use in categories such as Youth Character Development and a Bullying Prevention unit. Learn how to make the theater with step by step instructions below.

Suggested Materials: 

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Toss Four Game Variations for PE & Active Play


toss four game

Learn 5 different ways to use this Toss Four Game for physical education class or general active play! If you are playing indoors, hang the target from any volleyball or badminton game standards. For outdoor use, hand it from poles or use existing game standards. The game allows for multiple players at a time, and can be used for teamwork activities, practicing throwing skills, coordination, and more.

Toss Four Games

Classic Toss Four:


Toss balls at the target and get them to stick to the Velcro patches. The first team to get 4 balls in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins the game. Unlike standard 4 in a Line or Connect 4, the balls do not have to start at the bottom of the column and can be thrown anywhere on the target.


Divide your players into two teams with about the same number of players and ability. Place all the pink balls in a pile or container and all the green balls in another container. Mark a toss line about 6 feet from the target using cones, floor tape or some other means. A player’s feet must remain behind the toss line, before, during and after their throw. If they cross the line at any point and the ball they tossed sticks to the target, it must be removed and they lose their turn. Continue reading

Using Makey Makey for Active Play & STEM


makey makey STEM

Recently I was introduced to this awesome little tool called the Makey Makey. This product has become so popular in classrooms, afterschool programs like the YMCA, occupational therapy, and many other industries. With the movie Civil War being so popular, I came up with the idea to create a game with Scratch Studio that pits Captain America versus Iron Man and allows each player to become the characters and get active. This Makey Makey activity encapsulates STEM and Active Play. Continue reading

A Religious Spin on the Potato Sack Race


Caterpillars & Butterflies (Based on 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Everyone loves a potato sack race! Take the opportunity to turn this friendly competition into a christian learning opportunity. The game below, using burlap potato sacks, is from our friends over at Sunday School Network.

potato sack race ideas

Set up:
Divide players into 4-6 players per team. Each team will need one potato sack. Line teams up at a starting point on one side of your playing area. First player in each team must stand inside his or her bag to start. Before playing the game, tell the players that when they are in their bags, they are like caterpillars in their cocoons. When the cocoons are removed, they become new creatures, “butterflies”.

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How to Play GaGa Ball in the GaGa Pit


What is GaGa Ball?

I had heard of it. We sell a GaGa Pit at S&S Worlwide. I have listened to my kids tell stories about it in gym class. Yet, I still didn’t understand what ‘IT’ was! Is it like soccer with hands? Is it like handball? Is it dodgeball with no throws? “Big deal” I thought. Then our school’s PTO purchased one. Now that they got it, and I’ve played it. I get ‘IT’! I can now say that the GaGa Ball game is a blast and a huge hit with kids, getting them active while having fun. Isn’t that our goal?

My first introduction to the GaGa Pit was when I showed up on a Saturday morning with Gator Skin Balls in tote to greet kids chanting “GA GA! GA GA! GA GA!” My kids gave me a run down on the rules of GaGa on the 5 minute ride to the school. The rest we might call ‘experiential learning’. GaGa Rules of Play are simple and the kids pick it up quickly.

Gagapit official size

Before I list the rules of play and instructions, I just want to let you know that like any game, there are many variations to GaGa Ball. I am going to try and stay true to the way that we play, but I will highlight with an (*) in areas where there are popular variations. The best advice I can give everyone though is to KEEP THE GAME SIMPLE! The kids will have fun.

Object of GaGa Ball:

  • To be the last player in the GaGa Pit.
  • To keep the ball in play and moving (if you make this an emphasis it helps players to see the game as a constant flow, instead of aiming to catch the ball)
  • Aim for players’ feet.

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