Classroom Book Activity – How Rocket Learned to Read


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Classroom Book Activities for: How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

Story Summary

In this wonderful story about words and reading, a little yellow bird teaches a dog named Rocket the alphabet. Soon he discovers the joy of using letters to make words and reading stories all by himself!

Recommended Ages: Grades 1 – 2

Activity 1

  • Gather the class on the rug to introduce How Rocket Learned to Read. As a whole class do a picture walk of the story. The teacher can model how to do a picture walk or students can volunteer to say what they notice about the pictures.
  • During the picture walk, introduce new vocabulary such as marvel and captivated. Write the new words on chart paper.
  • After the picture walk, read the story to the class.


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KISS – Classroom Management for 2nd Grade Teachers


2nd grade classroom managementHere’s our new KISS article – Keep it Simple Strategies – for 2nd Grade Teachers.

Start off the New Year by applying some of these great strategies in your 2nd Grade classroom!

In the Second Grade, you now have emerging readers. You can most definitely see differences in students’ abilities to learn. This is the year where reading instruction becomes differentiated, and interventions for students who are falling behind become necessary. If you have good K and 1st Grade teachers in your building, you have a built-in team to help you set up your room for these disparities in learning abilities.

Here are some of the tips we’ve collected from other second grade teachers:

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