10 Items to Create an Organized Classroom!


Organization plays a huge support role in managing your classroom. Easy access to materials and an understanding of classroom flow can have a dramatic effect on student learning. Teachers need to consider special needs of students, room for themselves to walk around and monitor, and how to minimize disturbances during lessons.

Storage bins, carts, crates, and containers are all without a doubt handy in creating the perfect organized classroom environment.  Ready to make full use of your classroom space, but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of items to help you create a fun and welcoming learning environment, right off the bat!

12 Bin Tilt Storage

The Tilt Bin uses our lock tight Jumbo Bins with bright colored handles and translucent tops for easy content identification. This is perfect for storing manipulatives or starting a Makerspace to encourage students to create.

organized classroom

Classroom Keepers Paper Organizer

We love this paper organizer because it is cost affordable for our customers and allows for students to practice responsibility and organizational skills. Plus, it helps you know when you are running low on certain color papers.

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Integrating What I Learned at the National PE Institute


The National PE Institute was such an amazing conference for me both educationally, socially, and professionally. You can read about my entire experience here, however in this blog post, I want to share the top 3 things I learned that I will take back with me from the break out sessions.

The top 3 things I learned and will bring back with me from the conference are:

1. Inquiry based learning. Nathan Horne spoke on this subject. Nathan has an awesome site that you can check out – IPhys-Ed.com This is a quote from Nathan that really stuck with me:

“What happens if every time we said teaching instead we said learning”.

One idea I already have about using inquiry is to post questions about the five components of fitness. Each cone will be dedicated to a component of fitness. There will also be equipment at each cone. The students will build a stage of an obstacle course by answering the question by using the equipment to build that stage of the obstacle course. The students will teach the rest of the class how they will travel through their stage of the obstacle course and how it addresses that specific component of fitness.

2. Standards Based Grading and Instruction. Sarah Gietschier-Hartman presented on this subject. I already use 4 point rubrics in my physical education classes but the “AHA” moment (and there were several) that I took away from Sarah’s session was how to use kid-friendly and parent friendly terms for the levels of Mastery.

This is what Sarah shared:
• Exceptional level – Wow!
• Proficient level – Got it!
• Making Progress – Getting There!
• Not Yet – I do not know this, yet. I do not understand this, yet. I cannot do this, yet.

3. Jigsaw method in physical education. Dr. Ash Casey presented on this. I am going to use this strategy to empower my students to be in charge of their own learning and work cooperatively as a group.

About the Author: Crystal Gorwitz is a Physical Education/Health Education Teacher at Hortonville Middle School in Hortonville, Wisconsin.

Monthly Book Activity: Mouse Paint


Mouse PaintMouse Paint – By Ellen Stoll Walsh

Story Summary

The curious and cute white mice in Mouse Paint are having fun discovering new colors by mixing primary colors together to make secondary colors. While playing with paint, they have to be careful and clever to outsmart the cat!

Recommended Ages

  • Preschool – 1st

Activity 1

  • After reading Mouse Paint, review what colors are primary and what colors are secondary.
  • Let the children know they are going to explore mixing colors to make secondary colors.
  • Give each child a cup of red, blue, and yellow paint with a brush and white construction paper.

Mouse Paint

  • Tell the children that they get to be the little mice now and to let their paint brushes dance in the puddles of paint!
  • Encourage the children to mix the colors and create secondary colors on the construction paper.

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Quality Physical Education Can Solve a Major National Issue


A few weeks ago, Jordan Shapiro of Forbes.com wrote The 4 Issues In Education That Every Presidential Candidate Should Be Talking About . Look closely at his second issue and it is “inclusiveness”.

He writes: “The bottom line is that we cannot eliminate hateful actions without eliminating
hateful thinking; and the process of transforming how people think is precisely the work of education. Therefore, at a time when we are experiencing high racial tension, ubiquitous rape, mass shootings, religious fundamentalism, and hyper-polarized political value systems, school curricula need to prioritize inclusiveness for the sake of long-term social justice.

Who has the greatest opportunity to teach inclusion in our schools? (I know many of you are jumping up and down with your hands raised up high 🙂 Yes, PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS. While fitness is always at the forefront of our teaching, we need to add inclusion right beside it. Physical educators have the ability to to change a school’s climate and we need to make sure we are doing just that. Here are my suggestions:

1) Bring Project Adventure curriculum into your classes. There are many resources for Project Adventure on the web. My favorite is The Hundreth Monkey by Nate Folan. If you establish a full value contract with your students/classes, it will go a long way into establishing a wonderful school culture.

2) Be involved with your school’s recess/lunch program. Volunteer to set up a recess activity (Here is a sample from PE central) and make sure you have Continue reading

Ideas Worth Sharing – “Back in Time”


We survey many of our customers and sometimes ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Here’s a super fun way Linda from Beekeepers Discovery Camp used our Paint-a-Dot Rainforest Animal Craft Kit and Prehistoric Pets for her “Back in Time” lessons.

“For our summer camp we are having a week called “Back In Time” We will be making several different scenes from different time periods, that is where the Prehistoric Pets will be used.  We also have a week of camp centered around the Rain forest and the other objects will be used for some projects during that time.”

Rainforest craft idea

dinosaur and prehistoric lesson ideas

Have an idea to share? Let us know below!  For more dinosaur activities, head to our Dinosaurs are Taking Over post!

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