Candy Land® Game with a Healthy Twist


candy land healthI love this activity for kids! Who didn’t enjoy playing Candy Land® as a child? It’s a great game, but let’s face it, it doesn’t send the healthiest message. That’s where S&S comes in! Jumbo Nutrition Island is one of our S&S Exclusive products created by Brian Feeney, our Sports and Recreation product manager. He put a healthier spin on the classic board game by creating fun characters like Broccoli Bob, Betty Banana, and Tommy Toast, bringing excitement to different food groups and choices for kids.

The jumbo size gets kids out of their chairs and encourages them to be active with exercises like “Crab Walk” and “Hop on Two Feet” through fitness challenge cards. It is the perfect rainy day activity to keep kids active while stuck indoors. The game would make a great addition to your camp program, after school room, physical education class or even for a special event. It can be adjusted to accommodate groups of players from Pre-k to middle school aged children. At the easiest level, no reading is required and color recognition and match skills are practiced on a nutritious and food friendly island. In more advanced versions, players are tested on their knowledge of food categories and will be
required to move around to move their player piece forward.

The game includes a giant 4′ x 5’4″ vinyl game board, 6 Friendly Food game pieces, 72 play cards including 12 movement cards and rules.

nutrition game candy land®

Brian even created a printable activity sheet with suggested fun and educational activities based on the age and size of your group. Check out the product and activities here on our site. View our video below with a group of Pre-K students having fun playing the game!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this game as teachers, educators, and activity planners. How would you incorporate Jumbo Nutrition Island into your program? Let us know in the comments below.

Exclusive Products Made Just For You


Did You Know? In the mix of the many products that S&S offers our customers, we have exclusive items that have actually been created and developed here?

Our merchandising team is so passionate about understanding YOU, our customer, that they seek out the best products to support your programs, classrooms, and organizations.

If they can’t find it, they create it! I love love love this! 

Over the past few weeks (I’m new to the company!) I have been able to spend some time with our product merchandisers. They are so passionate about what they do that it has made me passionate about highlighting some of their exclusive products here on our blog.

So I asked them, “What are factors that go into creating a product for our customers?” Their answer was in my question….It is OUR CUSTOMERS! The feedback you provide to us at S&S through surveys and relationship with our associates here help determine where our focus should be. Couple that with trips to suppliers, retail stores, bloggers and internet resources and we’ve got a recipe for success.

Ours sports & recreation product manager, Brian Feeney, even involves his kids in the process of testing the fun, usability, Brian Hulaand engagement of products.

Kat Lord and Ann Kollegger, responsible for our arts & crafts products, use a number of tools to ensure that we are able to offer relevant and exciting tools for educators, therapists, and our wide range of customers.

”I scour trends on Pinterest & retail stores (arts & crafts/toy/apparel & jewelry/general merchandise). I read tons of magazines and follow several bloggers – in Art Education, Crafts, DIY, you name it. Just getting that kind of mental and visual stimulation gets the creative juices flowing,” says Kat. Continue reading

10 Gifts Any Teacher Will Love!


Let’s celebrate our teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8th this year. What better time to let the teacher in your life know how much we appreciate the things they do for us each and every day. Whether you are a principal, student, or parent, here are 10 creative gifts any teacher would love to get.

1. Teacher Tote-All
The name says it all! The Teacher Tote-All can carry all the books, papers, and supplies your teacher has to truck around. Another added benefit, it’s lightweight and folds completely flat when not in use! Purchase the Tote-All Apron for even more storage room!

Teacher Tote-All


2. Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit
Every teacher could you some rest and relaxation once in a while. Help your teacher create their own relaxation sanctuary with this Aromatherapy kit. Kit comes complete with a whisper quiet fan, two bottles of essential oil blends (Relaxation and Vitality) and one aroma pad.

Relax and Renew Stream Diffuser Kit

3. Autograph Dog
Create a keepsake that can be kept for years! Our Autograph dog is inexpensive and a great way to show your teacher your appreciation! Each student can sign their name and add a quick note thanking their teacher for everything they do. Continue reading

Simple Burlap Bow


Burlap always adds a nice, rustic touch to a project. While there are many advanced and ornate things you can create with it, we want to show how to make a simple, yet adorable burlap bow that even young children can make.

Finished Egg Carton Wreath

Burlap Ribbon
Jute Macrame String

Start by cutting a foot long strip of burlap ribbon and fold ends over each other


Pinch the center tightly and secure in place using string


Make sure that you tie the knot tightly so it does not come undone. You may even want to loop the sting around the center a few times. Continue reading

Diffusing Watercolor Masterpiece


This is the perfect art therapy project. Art therapy is a way of utilizing the creative process of art and also having a low barrier to entry. Art therapy can benefit a wide spectrum of disorders, diseases, and disabilities and can be especially beneficial to anyone who is not able to express themselves using words.

The Diffusing Water Color Masterpiece project was thought up by our very own Crafty Kate.


Permanent Marker
Color Diffusing Paper
Liquid Watercolor
Watercolor Trays
Paint Brushes
Plastic Gloves

Use the permanent markers to sketch out your design directly on to the diffusing paper. We used black marker, but if you want, you could experiment with other colors. The drawing can be quick and abstract, perfection is not the goal here. Think of this as a fun experiment to simply play with materials. Continue reading

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