Themed Activities for Men at Your Senior Living Facility

Try entertaining the men in your senior facility this season with fun themed activities that allow them to bond with one another while doing the things that they enjoy. For instance, host themes that relate to activities that they used to participate in, like a Woodshop theme, Hunting Lodge theme, a Pub Night theme, a Casino Night theme.

Woodshop Theme

Get the men tinkering with their hands again by organizing fun woodworking projects for the men to complete each week. For instance, have the men assemble antique clocks, antique cars, or even the Eiffel Tower.

senior residents male activities

Residents with Dementia 

Some of the men in your facility may need less hands-on activities and more reminiscing activities that still relate to woodworking or using tools to create something. Consider this new concept from Active Minds, which allows residents with denemtia to still gain a sense of achievement, without the limitation of putting pieces in the wrong place. Continue reading

How to Integrate Math into Physical Education

integrating math into PE

It seems like mathematics is a subject that falls into three categories: you like it, you know enough to get by, or you absolutely hate it. For those who love it, I applaud you all. Now you can learn how to share your passion with your students.

Math is an integral part of our students’ lives. The reasons are obvious on the surface. It is is important in real life situations, from learning the basics of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication to counting, and using money. Beyond that though, a student who feels the joy of math will be on the path to acheiving great things.

Integration of mathematics can be as simple or complex as you choose and material dictates. From solving the basic addition problem while practicing an exercising, to as complex as figuring out how the angle of a basketball shot will dictate the velocity of how it rebounds from the rim, there is no perfect or right way to integrate math into PE. However, there are some proven strategies from both experienced teachers and the science of how students learn that work best. Continue reading

Advocate for Quality Afterschool Programming and Professional Development

By Stacy McEachern, National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award 2018 Nominee

out of school program

The S&S Worldwide team is proud to be the sponsor of the National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award for Afterschool for 2018. We are honored to highlight the nominees and winners for their accomplishments and dedication to the afterschool community.

My name is Stacy McEachern and I am currently the Assistant Director at Beacon Cove Intermediate in Jupiter, Florida. I began working there after graduating high school in 2009. I started out as a counselor, and at the time I had no idea this job would lead me to a lifelong career path. My passion grew from not only enriching the youths’ lives I worked with everyday, but also to improving the overall quality of how my OST (Out of School Time) program functions. Beacon Cove is partners with Prime Time Palm Beach County, so I have always been directly involved with their methods of enhancing afterschool programming, as well as understanding why it is so integral to other programs everywhere. Continue reading

Colorful Buckets Activity – Kicking Unit for PE

By Erik Myer, Elementary PE Teacher

colorful bucket PE activity

The other day I was looking for a different type of kicking activity to do with my students.  I decided to take a look at Coach Pirillo’s YouTube channel for inspiration. I came across a game called Colorful Pins. What was unique about this game is that he had his students kicking a deck ring across the floor rather than a ball. I decided I wanted to try this game out with my students. 

Since I didn’t have three foot tall inflatable pins that Ben was using with his classes, I had to modify the activity with the equipment I had on hand. The pins that Ben were using were the six colors of a rainbow. There were also cards of similar color that would be collected if you hit a pin with the deck ring. My idea was to use my rainbow colored buckets. They are much smaller and lighter than the pins. I added 8-10 bean bags to each bucket to weigh them down so they would not move much or get knocked over.

I then went to Coach Pirillo’s website to download the free cards he made available. After downloading the set of cards, I laminated them so they would hold up over time. Continue reading

DIY Wood Pallet Sign Projects for Under $3

DIY wood pallet signs

Many of our customers ask for ideas on adult and teen crafts, and DIY crafts that can be given as gifts or used as decoration. That was our inspiration for this DIY Wood Pallet Sign project, which can also be customized in so many different ways and makes a great group project.

DIY Wood Pallet Signs are a very popular and trendy home decor addition for that farmhouse, shabby chic look – just check out this search on Pinterest! These wood pallet signs we created are sized just right to keep on a counter, desk, or even hang on a small area of the wall.

Great Addition to Your Crafting Program

Since these are so popular and EASY to make, participants will love that they can enjoy them or even gift them to a loved one for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even Grandparent’s Day. The wood paint sticks are large enough where this craft project can be inclusive for many ages and abilities. Plus, to make the sized pallet sign you see below, it costs your group less than $3 per sign!

Continue reading

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