Bucket Stilts Relay & Thornbush Madness – PE Activities for K-2


k-2 PE activities

PE Teacher Drew Burris shares 2 activities he uses with his K-2 grade classes to build skills like balancing, hand eye coordination, locomotor movement, and pathways and directions

Activity 1: Bucket Stilts Relay

Skills: Balancing & Hand Eye Coordination


For my K-2 students, I always want to try and see how their balance is. There are many ways I can test this, but the bucket stilts are the best. Hand-eye coordination as well as balancing are crucial for this activity.

I usually split the group into 8 sections, 4 at half-court, and 4 on the other side of the gym. The more groups you have the less waiting there is. Students are to walk to the group in front of them, and then hand the stilts off. It can be a challenge to get on them sometimes, but their partner behind them can help them out. To make it a little bit more challenging, I will add some noodles on the floor to have students work with pathways on how to get around the object or over. We call them logs. Students love the stilts once they get the hang of it. I have incorporated them into stations, if we do that for P.E. that day. Continue reading

How to Plan a Sock Hop at Your Senior Facility


sock hop theme

Not sure what to do for a sock hop besides playing soda shop hits from the 1950s and asking residents to dance? Well, here are a few ideas from notjustbingo.com to consider for your next sock hop party to get all your residents engaged and having fun.


Since the 1950s was all about rock and roll music, decorate your Activity rock and roll sock hopRoom with lots of images that relate to music, making the room more festive. For instance, use a themed Rock & Roll Sock Hop decorating kit with tissue festooning and fans, a banner, whirls, musical note cutouts and more. Add to the musical theme with a musical notes decorating kit to hang lots of decorations from the ceiling. In addition, inflate musical note balloons to scatter throughout the room as well. In fact, consider placing a few of the balloons throughout your facility as reminders for your residents about the upcoming sock hop.

In addition, if you have tables in your Activity Room, be sure to cover them with classic checkered tablecloths to fit in with the 1950s theme. Add some more 1950’s cutouts to decorate the room, with designs like a jukebox, hot rod, saddle shoes, and poodle skirt. Continue reading

Featured PE Teacher – Scott Power


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Scott Power!

new pe teamAbout Scott:

I teach kindergarten through 5th grade at Schmalz Elementary in Katy ISD. Katy ISD is right outside of Houston. My school is a very large and transient campus. We have approximately 1300 students at our school and each of my classes has about 100 students. I am the lead Physical Education Teacher and Team Leader for the specials department on my campus. I am currently in my 12th year teaching. All of these have been in elementary physical education at Schmalz Elementary.

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Fall Leaf Paper Craft – Library Storytime Activity


leaf people craft

This paper leaf craft is a super easy activity for all ages for the Fall season! I used it for my Fall storytime at Dripping Springs Community Library. First, I started out with a silly rooster puppet named Doodley Doo that told silly jokes about Fall. We also enjoyed a wiggly song called It’s Time to Stand Up – Come and Make a Circle 3 by Susan Salidor.

After sharing the picture books, Fall is Not Easy by Marty Kelley, Little Tree by Loren Long, Fall Mixed Up by Chris Raczka, and Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller, we enjoyed a very fun craft time making Fall leaf people.

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7 Key Places in Your Senior Facility to Decorate for Halloween


halloween senior

Help residents celebrate Halloween by filling your facility with themed decorations for this fun autumn holiday! Here are 7 places in your senior facility to focus on:

Front Porch

In keeping with the harvest theme, make the outside of your facility more festive by adding a few cornstalks, bales of straw, and pumpkins on your front porch. Then line the railings along the porch with an orange and black Halloween bunting. In addition, host a Scarecrow Competition, in which teams of residents compete to make the best scarecrow by using pillowcases, old clothes, and straw. Then arrange all the finished scarecrows along the front porch.

Entry Way

Have fun with the entry way of your facility by adding in a few spooky cobwebs to set the mood for your visitors. If there’s space available, add in a CD player to play Halloween-themed music like Monster Mash. Continue reading

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