Simple Burlap Bow

Burlap always adds a nice, rustic touch to a project. While there are many advanced and ornate things you can create with it, we want to show how to make a simple, yet adorable burlap bow that even young children can make.

Finished Egg Carton Wreath

Burlap Ribbon
Jute Macrame String

Start by cutting a foot long strip of burlap ribbon and fold ends over each other


Pinch the center tightly and secure in place using string


Make sure that you tie the knot tightly so it does not come undone. You may even want to loop the sting around the center a few times. Continue reading

Diffusing Watercolor Masterpiece

This is the perfect art therapy project. Art therapy is a way of utilizing the creative process of art and also having a low barrier to entry. Art therapy can benefit a wide spectrum of disorders, diseases, and disabilities and can be especially beneficial to anyone who is not able to express themselves using words.

The Diffusing Water Color Masterpiece project was thought up by our very own Crafty Kate.



Use the permanent markers to sketch out your design directly on to the diffusing paper. We used black marker, but if you want, you could experiment with other colors. The drawing can be quick and abstract, perfection is not the goal here. Think of this as a fun experiment to simply play with materials. Continue reading

Autism Awareness Day

April is Autism Awareness Month and Autism Awareness Day is celebrated each year on April 2nd. It is one of the only three health issues to be recognized with its own day by the United Nations. According to Autism Speaks, Autism now affects over 3 million people in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide.

Awareness months are important and a good reminder for all of us to do our part and take action. However, for this month, its not just about taking action – it’s also about accepting a child or adult for who they are. Awareness and acceptance both require education. 1 and 68 children and 1 in 42 boys are diagnosed with Autism, so chances are, you probably know of or know a child with this disorder, which is why it is important to open up this discussion not only between adults – but also children.

Children should be taught early on to accept and understand people for their differences. This can pertain to being aware of a persons disability but also to accept people for all of the other differences we have, such as skin color, weight, gender, hair color, religion, etc. We need to teach children that being different isn’t a bad thing – it’s actually a very good thing! – and as adults, we need to model respect for everyone around us and embrace our own differences and complexities, so that children will learn to see the value in all people.


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Need an easy craft to do with your kids to spread awareness? Print out our Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Fuse Bead Pattern!

autism awareness

Easter Egg Glow Bugs

Another craft to do with leftover Easter Eggs! These are also pretty simple to put together. Once completed, they can be used for decoration of even a night light!

Easter Eggs
Sticky Back Foam
Sticky Back Felt
Pipe Cleaners
Peel N’ Stick Wiggly Eyes
Permanent Marker
Faux Tea Lights

With some similar tutorials they will start you off with piercing holes in the eggs to put the pipe cleaners through, this is not very kid friendly, so we wouldn’t recommend it! Begin with giving your glow bug a face using a permanent marker and wiggly eyes. To make things easier, use Peel N’ Stick Wiggly Eyes, and then you won’t have to deal with messy glue!

Create the legs by cutting two strips of Sticky Back Foam about a centimeter thick. Make two folds towards the end of the strips and then stick them on to bottom of the egg. Cut out wings from any type of paper you prefer and then cut and curl a pipe cleaner for the antenna. Fold both wings and antenna at the center and hold in place using a small strip of Sticky Back Felt (or foam).  Now just turn on a Faux Tea Light and place inside egg and your glow bug is complete!


Easter Egg Snake

What are you supposed to do each year with all of your left over plastic Easter Eggs? Don’t throw them away, make Easter Egg Snakes! These little guys were so simple to make.


Plastic Easter Eggs
Extra Thin Elastic Cord
Peel N’ Stick Wiggly
X-Acto Knife
Construction Paper

Start by sorting out all of the long sides of the eggs – I used about 40. Save one short end for the snakes face. Next, feed Extra Thin Elastic Cord through the egg halves (if the eggs you have do not come with with a hole, you can use a thumbtack to create one on your own). Continue reading

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