Quick Tips for Creating a Greener Classroom

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With all of the paper and materials that are used in schools, teachers have a great opportunity to teach students how to properly recycle. If conserving paper and resources is something you are looking to incorporate into your program or classroom this year, we have some tips for making it successful. Let us know in the comments what you do to conserve materials in your program.

Tips for Creating a Recycling Program in Your Classroom

  • Create a fun, colorful, and obvious area for students to recycle in the classroom.  If you are opening it up to all recyclables, having a reference guide near the area or attached to the bin will be helpful. If the children in the classroom are younger, fun, larger images of items will make it easier for them to refer to, reminding them what they can recycle. (We’ve included inspiration at the bottom of this post).
  • Create a lesson plan or activities on recycling and paper waste. Since paper is one of the most heavily used items in a typical classroom, teach your students how much can be wasted and just goes into landfills each year. Call the the town’s waste management department or check the website to see if they have any numbers to share.  Get students to participate by getting them to guess quantities.  Here are 10 of Our Favorite Green Crafts!
  • Recycle and reuse. In addition to a recycling trash area, create an area where students can place scrap paper where only one side has been used, so it can be used again.
  • Create flash cards or index cards from the scrap paper when it starts to pile up.
  • recycled paper in classroomCreate fun notebooks from scrap paper. See tutorial for notepads shown here at Design Sponge.
  • Use both sides of paper. Plan handouts and assignments accordingly. This will allow you to practice what you are teaching as well as train students that there are two sides to a paper, and only using one can be wasteful.
  • Consider investing in a small white board for practicing math, writing, etc. for each student. That is if your budget, school, or parents can provide for it.
  • Create a bonus rewards or extra credit system if this is something you are truly passionate about. Recognize students that are putting forth an effort to conserve in the classroom.
  • Send home a request with parents for ongoing materials that they can be recycled as well. – Toilet paper rolls, milk cartons, jars, lids, egg cartons, etc.

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Dinosaurs Are Taking Over!

So many of us loved dinosaurs as a kid, and now they are even more popular in shows and movies like Jurassic World and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. October is also International Dinosaur Month! Here’s a list of 11 products we’ve compiled that are totally DINO-MITE!

Inflatable T-REX

Your group’s imagination will run wild with this 37″ tall inflatable tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. Made from thick, tough 100% PVC vinyl. Makes a great ball target and adds spice to any obstacle course.

dinosaurs t-rex

Unfinished Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle

How adorable are these? Each pack comes with 12 unfinished dinosaurs puzzles, 3 each of 4 designs.

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Ideas Worth Sharing – Mosaic Tiles

We survey many of our customers and sometimes we ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Sharon Quinn, A K-6 Art Teacher from Windham, NY shares with us her use for our Tiny Tiles 

Mosaic bulk tiles“These tiles will be used in a 5th grade art class.  I give the students a grid paper on which they need to chart out a picture or design.  The colors used in the artwork will then be counted out and recorded.  Before starting their mosaic, they need to count out corresponding tiles so they have all they need to complete their picture or design.  They then glue the tiles onto a square board, starting at the top left and working down, row by row, like reading a book, to the bottom.  The finished picture is then grouted.

Perfect lesson for coordinating with math: students find math shortcuts to adding up rows of the same color for instance by multiplying, counting tiles of the same color by 10’s, seeing sets of colors in patterns, etc.  Also, strengthens organization by “reading” the tiles as if they were words, row by row, so that all of the tiles fit when they come to the bottom row.”

We encourage you to continue sharing your ideas in the comments below or in our surveys!


10 of our Favorite Green Crafts!

Planning out an environmentally friendly lesson plan for your students? We have plenty of Green crafts at S&S for you to incorporate into your program!

Garden Rain Gauge Craft Kit

The Garden Rain Gauge Craft Kit is the perfect group activity! After your group members decorate these colorful, metal rain gauges in ladybug, dragonfly and butterfly shapes, they can be used to dress up the yard or garden while they track the rainfall. Educational crafting fun!

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Safe Sanitizing Solutions for All

When parents visit an Early Childhood Education facility (ECE), they are assessing many things that they see and hear there. Among them, level of care, education, and attention for their children but let’s not forget about cleanliness! Many ECE facilities and schools pride themselves on cleanliness but did you know that the products they typically use, to clean and sanitize, can expose children and staff to harmful chemicals? There are safer sanitizing products available and professional educators are researching these alternatives.

BiodSafe Cleaning Solutions

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