Must-Have Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers


With the holidays right around the corner, we asked some of our associates with children what they were planning on purchasing for gift giving. This is the first of a series of posts written by our employees on what they think the must-haves are for their children this year.

1. I have decided that I no longer am worried that my almost-two-year old will eat Play-Doh. We are almost past the putting items in our mouth stage, so I am ready to try this fun and creative toy this year. Not only will I be purchasing Play-Doh for my daughter (probably the Play-Doh Fun Factory or Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle) but I am also going to be purchasing some kits for my nieces and nephews. One of my nieces really loves playing school, so the Play-Doh Tools Assorted Schoolpack is perfect for her.

holiday gift giving2. Sesame Street is a huge hit in our household. Not only does he sleep with his Elmo every night but he also decided that was the only Halloween costume that he could be this year. So when I saw this Sesame Street LOVE2LEARN Elmo I just had to purchase it. I love that it is an interactive toy, and he can have fun while learning letter and numbers at the same time. It has sensors in the nose, hands and belly so it’s really engaging to kids.

toddler toy

3. Since we live in New England, there will be many months when I am looking to entertain my son with active indoor play. This giant tunnel will provide him with a sensory oasis all winter long!  It has Velcro streamers in the inside, and is great for imaginative play!

holiday gifts toddler

4. This elephant ball popper was the highlight of my son’s birthday this year. He loves how the elephant shoots the balls through his trunk, and has so much fun watching the balls roll through the elephant. It also has a handle for easy portability!

toys for kids

5. I admit it. I enjoy going out to eat, so we go out to dinner at least one night a week. Sometimes my son is not in the mood to sit quietly while waiting for his food. The other day a waitress handed him some sheets she ripped out of a coloring book and a few crayons. He was so excited. Although we still sometimes have to encourage him not to eat the crayons, coloring has become much more popular in our house. I am going to pick up this pack of coloring books and crayons so I can throw them in my bag and always have a source of entertainment.

6. Trains have become a huge hit in our house. They are always a fun addition to playing with blocks. I plan to get this Melissa & Doug® Stacking Train to add to our collection. Also, if you don’t already have a train track, how much fun would it be for your child to find a train on a track around your Christmas Tree on Christmas morning? This 100 piece easy-to-build railway includes 3 bridges, 1 crossover track, and crossing gates.

train set toy

Another amazing new item is this Lego® Duplo® Math Train Set! Kids can practive counting, patterning, and simple addition and subtraction. It also teaches the purpose of stations and trains. They can use the crane to load and unload colorful train cargo and construct stations along a delivery route that they create!

toddler toys

7. I promised my husband I would wait until the weather gets a little warmer, so that I can set this up on our little picnic table outside, but I am dying to let my son finger paint. I remember finger painting as a young child and let’s be honest he practically finger paints every time he has pudding or yogurt. So I know he will love it. I am going to get him some washable finger paint! What a fun way to practice learning colors too! And just to be extra cautious, I am going to get him a child-size smock as well.

toys toddler

8. We are working on our alphabet, and although my son can sing the song, identifying the letters is something we are still working on mastering. This fun Melissa & Doug Alphabet Blocks help visualize the letters. Plus, what is more fun than knocking over a block castle?

toddler blocks

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