6 Pool Games for Kids – Field Trips & Summer Fun


Field trips to the pool and pool parties are a big part of summer fun for kids. Although we have pool noodles and endless beach balls here at S&S, we wanted to help introduce you to some fun pool activity ideas that ensure everyone at the pool has a good time. We’ve even included activities to include children that don’t want to or are not ready to swim yet.

These activities were grouped together because they are easy to transport (field trips) and easy to store (most are inflatable).

Inflatable Tic Tac Toe

The classic game of tic tac toe – but jumbo! With an oversized and inflatable game board and pieces, this game is perfect for the pool or the lawn. Play on teams of two, or one on one. Kids that are not swimming can also play outside of the pool or toss from the side of the pool. The pieces are also two colors, blue on one side and orange on the other.

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Kids Visors Inspired By Our Favorite Characters


kids character visors

How adorable are these visors? With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to use visors for crafting! Our Super Visors Craft Kit comes with 48 white cardboard visors, non-toxic markers, and elastic. This is a fun group activity for summer camp and other recreational programs. Choose a theme, like movie characters, and have each kid decorate their own visor as their favorite characters. See the steps below for 10 different visor ideas we created from popular Disney and Pixar movies! Continue reading

5 Summer Camp Games to Engage Campers


summer camp gamesSummer camp has an unusual rhythm. Even though it can last anywhere from a week to eight weeks, it often feels much longer. The start of camp is fun and exciting. Everyone is getting to know one another, and lots of fun activities are going on. After some time spent at camp, however, campers and counselors can start to fatigue.  Then things usually pick up towards the end.  As a result, the last couple of weeks are fast and fun with lots of summer camp activities coming to a close.

So, what do you do when you notice things start to feel like they are dragging on and campers need a boost?  Below are five go-to summer camp games that engage campers and never go out of style.   Continue reading

5 Best Active Indoor Games for Rainy Days


indoor games summer

Summer rain storms can derail a well-planned day outside at summer camp, especially when they pop up despite the weather report for a clear day.  When this happens, there is no reason to panic. With a little indoor space and some creativity, you can have just as much fun inside as you would outside.  All you need is a couple of great indoor games in your back pocket.

As a physical education teacher and former camper and counselor, I can attest to the benefit of rainy day plans.  I always had a couple of go-to plans kept in a folder for rainy days.  In fact, where I teach there is no gym.  So on cold or rainy days, I have had to get very creative with my activities in order to still teach.  Below you will find some general guidelines to follow for indoor games, as well as some great go-to rainy day activities. These work for both summer camp counselors and PE teachers! Continue reading

6 Tips for Camp Counselors Starting a New PE Program


Camp Counselors

The thought of running physical activities for campers can be scary for camp counselors. What if someone gets hurt?  What if the campers don’t listen? What if they don’t like the games?  You can probably go on and on with what-if questions. The hard truth is that there is a learning curve the first time you do anything.  Over time, and with practice, you get better at what you are learning.  With just a few tips you can be good at running a successful PE program for campers.  As a physical education teacher of fourteen years and a former camp counselor, I have found these key elements to be helpful: Continue reading

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