Across the USA Theme – State of California


california across the USACalifornia is the Across the USA theme for June! Host several activities for your residents throughout the month that honor The Golden State’s famous landmarks. Here are a few ideas from notjustbingo to get you started.

across the usa theme california


With San Francisco’s Chinatown being the oldest Chinatown in North America, honor the culture-rich enclave that spans 24 blocks in downtown San Francisco by making bracelets with residents using Chinese character beads. Also add in a few Chinese-themed games throughout June, like hosting a Chinese yo-yo competition or scheduling a Chinese Checkers tournament.

Sequoia National Park

across the usa californiaRecognize the beautiful Sequoia National Park and California’s state tree, the California Redwood – one of the world’s longest living trees that can reach up to 379 feet tall – by recruiting a few residents to decorate wooden pine trees that can be used as decoration throughout your facility for this monthly tribute to California. In addition, host a tree-themed intergenerational activity by inviting the grandkids to make stitched trees on a Saturday morning with Grandma and Grandpa. Continue reading

Fun Father’s Day Ideas for Seniors & Grandkids


father's day grandkidsNeed a few intergenerational Father’s Day ideas? Plan an afternoon of special activities for the grandkids and their Grandpas that feature crafts, games, and lots of lasting memories. Here are just a few from notjustbingo to consider:


Set out several kits for the senior men to assemble with their grandkids, like padde wheel boatsbirdhouses, or sailboats. If time permits, encourage the participants to try out their creations. For instance, set up a kiddie pool with water in the backyard for the kids to try out their boats.


Arrange to have the grandfathers provide one-on-one teachable moments to their grandkids. For instance, set up several game stations throughout your facility for them to teach their grandkids how to play different games like mancala and the triangle puzzle game. Then, when the grandchildren return in the future, they can play again in hopes of one day beating Grandpa at the game! Continue reading

7 Luau Theme Ideas for Your Senior Facility


Hawaii Luau Senior residentsPlanning a fun luau theme for your residents to celebrate the arrival of the Spring weather and the Summer months? Here are a few items and ideas from notjustbingo that you may want to add to your list.
luau theme

1. Hawaiian Leis – Provide Hawaiian leis for all your residents to wear for the luau. Pass  them out in the morning during breakfast to help them remember throughout the day about the upcoming Hawaiian festivities.

2. Hula Skirts – Pass out hula skirts for the ladies to wear. In fact, set up a “Hula Skirt Shop” in your Activity Room and invite the ladies to stop by before the luau to try-on and wear their hula skirts for the day. Continue reading

Activities to Celebrate Older Americans Month


older americans month

Since May is Older Americans Month, schedule several fun activities throughout the month that pay tribute to your senior residents. Use this year’s theme for Older Americans Month, “Age Out Loud,” as inspiration for some of your activities. Here are a few ideas from notjustbingo to help you honor your residents:

Birthday Party

Honor your most senior residents with a special birthday party, like a 90 & Over Birthday Bash that celebrates the nonagenarians and centenarians in your facility. Instead of your typical monthly birthday party, coordinate with Dining Services to host a birthday luncheon in your facility’s Dining Room. Invite residents to dress up for this annual event as you celebrate the lives of your oldest residents, and encourage them to “Age Out Loud.” Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Facility for the Kentucky Derby


kentucky derby

One annual tradition that’s fun to plan in nursing facilities is the Kentucky Derby on May 6th. With Derby Day fast approaching, schedule a few fun activities that will get your residents reminiscing about the past and looking forward to this year’s running. To celebrate this year’s Run for the Roses, plan fun activities that center around the traditions of the Derby, including hats, horses, Mint Juleps, red roses, and the Derby itself.


No Kentucky Derby celebration is complete without having over-the-top hats. Schedule a fun hat-making craft for the ladies, and provide them with straw hats that they can decorate with roses or other flowers. Continue reading

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