Fall Themed Activites for Your Senior Residents


fall theme seniors

Autumn is here and it’s time to start planning fun fall events for your residents. If you’re looking for ideas, simply use upcoming observances as inspiration for your senior activities. For instance, try out the following seven themes as a guide for this year’s autumn festivities in your senior facility.

Harvest Theme

Autumn Door Decorations – Provide residents with a wooden leaves craft kit to create autumn leaf decorations for your facility. Afterwards, assist residents with hanging the finished leaves as door ornaments on your residents’ apartment doors.

Harvest Scenic Drive – Take residents on a scenic ride to a local pumpkin patch or animal farm. Along the way, stop by your favorite donut shop to pick up coffee and donuts for residents to enjoy on the bus once you reach your destination.

Fall Jigsaw Puzzle Competition – Set out a different jigsaw puzzle on each floor of your facility (or hallway) and invite residents to work on their jigsaw puzzle throughout the season to see which floor can finish their puzzle the fastest. Continue reading

Activities for National Bake and Decorate Month


bake and decorate

Since October is National Bake and Decorate Month, be sure to supply residents with fun activities throughout the month that allow them to show-off their baking and decorating skills. Here are 5 activities from notjustbingo.com to get you started:

1. Cookie Bake-Off

Divide residents into teams and have each team bake the same type of cookie (e.g., chocolate chip cookies). Have each team add in a different ingredient, like walnuts, raisins, white chocolate chips, or oatmeal, to see which variation of the cookie tastes best. Recruit your facility’s administrators to be the judges. Continue reading

Across the USA Theme – State of Illinois


illiniois across the usa

Pay tribute to the great state of Illinois with your residents during September’s Across the USA theme. Throughout the month, schedule fun activities that honor The Prairie State’s landmarks and state symbols.



Art Institute of Chicago

In addition, since Chicago is home to one of the United States’ oldest art museums, the Art Institute of Chicago, host a special art gallery activity at the end of the month to showcase all the art projects that were made throughout September. For example, assist residents with making velvet art paintings using watercolors, foil artwork using metallic foil, ceramic plates using paint and plate patterns, and paper quilling art using paper strips and quilling tools. For the art gallery, display all the finished art pieces and invite family members to stop by to bid or purchase the artwork. Continue reading

Grandparents Day Activities for Residents and Grandkids


grandparents day

Celebrate National Grandparents Day (Sunday, September 10) with intergenerational activities for your residents and their grandkids. Here are four fun activity ideas from notjustbingo.com to consider when planning this year’s special day:

1. Doing Crafts

Provide residents and their grandkids with fun crafts to do together, like making 3-dimensional photo cubes. For this project, provide each participant with the paper cube that they can assemble and add photos of themselves. (Before the activity, ask participants to bring 6 photos to add to their cube.) Assist participants with trimming their photos to fit into the cube before encouraging them to use markers to decorate and personalize the cubes before presenting them to one another. Continue reading

Labor Day Activities for Your Residents and Their Grandkids


labor day activities seniors

Invite the grandkids to your facility to enjoy this last holiday of summer by planning fun activities that celebrate the occupations of your residents. Here are a few ideas from notjustbingo.com to add to your Labor Day festivities.

Labor Day Parade

Host a Labor Day parade in your facility by inviting residents to march in the parade. Along the parade route, ask each resident to stop and give a brief account of their occupation or to just give hints about their occupation so that the spectators can try to guess their occupation. Invite the grandchildren to join in on the parade as well. Ask each of the children to tell everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Be sure to pass out mini flags to the spectators to wave as the parade-goers march past them. Continue reading

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