6 Pool Games for Kids – Field Trips & Summer Fun


Field trips to the pool and pool parties are a big part of summer fun for kids. Although we have pool noodles and endless beach balls here at S&S, we wanted to help introduce you to some fun pool activity ideas that ensure everyone at the pool has a good time. We’ve even included activities to include children that don’t want to or are not ready to swim yet.

These activities were grouped together because they are easy to transport (field trips) and easy to store (most are inflatable).

Inflatable Tic Tac Toe

The classic game of tic tac toe – but jumbo! With an oversized and inflatable game board and pieces, this game is perfect for the pool or the lawn. Play on teams of two, or one on one. Kids that are not swimming can also play outside of the pool or toss from the side of the pool. The pieces are also two colors, blue on one side and orange on the other.

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5 Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities and Ideas



Sidewalk Chalk is an all time favorite here at S&S Worldwide. There’s something exciting about having an infinite blank canvas and allowing your imagination to come to life through colors and fun!  Whether you’re drawing a foursquare court or your favorite flower, sidewalk chalk can be used to turn your outdoor space into a classroom learning experience. Get active with fun games, learn colors, numbers, or create a music graph to teach music. We’ve got some ideas to inspire your time outside this summer that we know you will love.

Hopscotch with a Twist…and a Turn and a Ssnap!

We love this idea from JrImagination. You can really add any activity to the boxes. Ask the children to pick actions and motions for the game, theme activities to support lessons, or concepts you are working on with them, and even have them help build it!

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Sensory Tube Activities for St. Patrick’s Day



sensory tube activites

Include some sensory activities for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! These sensory tubes are easy to make and provide both visual and auditory benefits. There are many different types of materials you can use to create some amazing effects, plus you can experiment with each activity.

For this activity, we used a set of sensory tubes. The set comes with 4 clear tubes with both vented lids which are great for auditory use, and solid lids which are great for liquids. The twist-tight lids are very secure, but if you are happy with how your project comes out and are using liquids, you may want to glue them closed to be safe. These sensory tubes are a great alternative to the commonly used mason jars, because they are plastic which is safer for kids.

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Create a Winter Wonderland at Your Senior Facility


winter senior residentsNeed help decorating your facility and your residents’ rooms for the winter? Here are a few easy decorating tips from notjustbingo.com to help your residents enjoy the winter season!

1. Decorate the Windows and Walls – Use window markers to draw snowflakes and winter sayings like “Let It Snow” on your resident’s windows for the season. Add a Winter Scene to the wall and bring it to life with the paper cutouts of snowflakes and winter wildlife that come with the set.

2. Involve Your Resident With the Decorating – Ask your residents to help you make a few decorations for their room. For example, fold a piece of plain white paper several times for your resident to cut out notches to make snowflakes that can be placed in front of her windows. If your resident is unable to assist with the activity, simply ask her for her opinion as to “what goes where” as you begin to decorate the room. Continue reading

Snow Globe Craft Ideas for the Holiday


Our Color-Me Snow Globes can be decorated and personalized in so many ways! Here are 6 fun ideas and some tips when creating your snow globe project. I created some holiday designs but these ideas can be easily modified for any season or theme.

Fun Holiday Snow Globe Ideas

1. Snowmen: Make dimensional drawings or collages of any theme! I chose to make a snowman scene. First, draw the pieces and color them with marker. Then outline with a fine tip marker and some glitter glue for added contrast. Cut all the pieces out. To make a tinted look, use a watercolor wash on the background paper (don’t use too much water). Once that is dry, glue the tree and the two snowmen using 3D foam adhesive dots.

snow globe craft

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