9 Reasons I Knew I Had to Invent jWAY


For starters, if I wasn’t going to do it, someone else was!


1. jWay is the first ever, life size board game that is actually ACTIVE!

If you’ve seen jWAY in action than you would know that it is a super active game that gets kids on their feet, literally. Kids gravitate towards its competitive, active nature not only because it is fun, but because it involves strategy too! Players take ownership of the board as if it were a “monopoly” of hopscotch, and that entices players to make it to the middle successfully without breaking any of the jWAY rules.

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Physical Educators – Making a Difference


I love physical education teachers

Physical Education teachers are truly amazing! I have believed this ever since I become one back in 1986 and I was reminded of how truly special they are the other day while reviewing 236 responses to a survey that S&S conducted on PE Central. Question number 21 of the survey reads, “What gets you most excited about your physical education job?”

The responses to this question were truly inspiring and led me to write this blog post.

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3D Printers and Product Creation


Working at S&S is fun for me, I get to use both my undergraduate engineering and graduate marketing background. On the marketing side, I get to manage the classic 4P’s (product, price, place and promotion) of our Sports and Games lines, and on the engineering side, I get to design, develop, and bring new products to market.

Recently S&S has started to sell 3-D printers and that means we now have a few that we can use when developing new products.  Instead of designing an item and then investing thousands in dollars in production tooling to see if my design was correct, I can now print out a 3-D prototype.   The prototype allows me to see, touch, and even try out a design to see if its correct or needs further improvement.   Better yet, in some cases, I can design a part and print it out all in the same day instead of waiting 2 to 3 months for a production mold.

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Physical Education Lessons using Pool Noodles



aqua pool noodlesRecently, we’ve had several inquiries at PE Central asking, “As a physical education teacher, how can I use soft swim pool noodles appropriately in my physical education class?”

Great question! Soft foam swim pool noodles are a versatile, low cost, and colorful piece of equipment.  They can be used as an obstacle to go around, under or over, in dances as a prop, a way to practice balance, pathways and directions, as a tagger identifier and they are great to use at a station activity.

S&S has an awesome activity guide for tons of games with pool noodles and I searched through our lesson plans at PE Central and found 5 ideas that incorporate pool noodles.

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Project ACES


Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) is a program of the Youth Fitness Coalition, Inc. This program was created by physical education teacher Len Saunders in the 1900’s to motivate children to exercise. Project ACES takes place on the first Wednesday in May. This lines up perfectly with National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and SHAPE America’s National Physical Education Week. Schools around the world use this program to encourage their students to get active and learn some different fitness aspects. One of the goals of Project ACES is to address the issue of childhood obesity and raise awareness.

On May 6th, 2015 at 10 AM, all the children will either exercise, walk, jog, bike, dance, do aerobics, or a combination or all the above. Each school organizes its own participation assembly for the 15-45 minutes the program runs. There is no specific routine to follow, just have the children do some form of exercise at 10 AM. Feel free to be as creative as you would like. Many schools choose to invite local celebrities to the event and play music to accompany the activities. Organizers of local events can choose to get the whole school involved, or just selected classes. The majority of schools will get the entire school population outside on to a play field, put on music, and have everyone in the school have some fun by moving and exercising together.  If you cannot do it at 10 AM, no worries.  Project ACES is flexible, as there are many schools that may participate in the afternoon on May 6th, or even on a different day.

If it rains, have a backup plan. Some schools have the student body go to the gym and do aerobics and calisthenics. Another option if it rains is to pump music over the PA system, and have the classes exercise in their classrooms. Invite the local media to cover the event. The children will love to see themselves in the newspapers or on TV. Proclamations from the Mayor’s and/or Governor’s office may also be read.  Project ACES is a great way to highlight your Physical Education program.  This May will mark the 27th anniversary of this historic event.


youth fitness


Learn more by visiting the Project ACES web site!


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