St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Physical Education


Whether you’re Irish or not- today is your lucky day! PE Central has compiled a list of bulletin board ideas, warm-up activities and lesson ideas that will help you get your students moving this St. Patrick’s Day.

Bulletin Board Ideas

  • We Are So Lucky to Have PE – As we know & champion for, physical education is important and there’s nothing like this cute bulletin board idea to remind your students and school how lucky they are to have it.

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PE Activities for American Heart Month


What better time to teach students the value of using physical education to build healthy hearts than American Heart Month? February is American Heart Month, a month-long period dedicated to encouraging Americans of all ages how to keep their hearts healthy all-year-round. PE Central has aggregated resources from our site that are perfect for helping you on your mission of promoting heart-healthy activities for students to participate in this month.

Bulletin Board Ideas

  • Buddy the Blood Cell Get’s Circulating – This bulletin board is a great way to supplement activities held during American Heart Month, especially for the class’ visual learners. This board demonstrates in a simple way how blood carries oxygen through the circulatory system.

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Football Activities for Physical Education


Football is a popular sport, especially during the fall and winter months. The annual Super Bowl football game is the most-watched TV event in history, with over 110 million people tuning in to watch the big game every year. As a physical education teacher, you can capitalize on the hype and excitement that students and their families feel around game time. These activities, assessments, and bulletin board ideas we’ve compiled from PE Central will get your class’ head in the game!

Football Bulletin Boards

Before you start planning activities, take a look at this motivating bulletin board idea that includes facts about the game that students would find interesting and inspiring. Fact ideas include history of the first football game and equipment, as well as average salaries for top coaches and players.

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Family Fitness Night for Physical Education


family fitnessI started looking for ideas to encourage families to participate in PE activities together after reading a few tweets from other teachers about their Family PE and Fitness Nights, and attending a session on Family Fitness led by Lindsay Dillon at the #PhysEdSummit 2016 Conference.

Using those ideas as inspiration, I planned four Family Fitness nights this school year. Students were invited to bring their families to the gym on the date designated for their grade level to participate in games and activities they play during PE class. Two of these nights have taken place so far and both have been a big success. One night had over 50 families attend. It was great to see the students, their moms and dads, along with older and younger siblings being active playing games together. I carefully selected a variety of games and included tag games, skill challenge activities, and cooperative games. Continue reading

100th Day of School PE Activities


100th day of school peCelebrate the 100th Day of School with fun physical education activities that get students active! We have found some great ideas from teachers on PE Central that incorporate the number 100 in their lesson. Some of these even have free downloads to save you time. You can plan stations, fitness exercises, dribbling, and even stacking challenges and tailor them to this theme.

Grades K-2

  • 100th Day of School – Students will practice their motor & sports skills by performing a variety of activities 100 times, such as jump rope and dribbling. Use the checklist provided in the lesson.
  • 100 Days – Ball Skills – Fill the gym with 100 different types of balls. Call out a locomotor movement as the music begins, and students must move around without touching any ball. Also incorporates the fun game Hungry Hungry Hippo!

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