Fun Father’s Day Ideas for Seniors & Grandkids


father's day grandkidsNeed a few intergenerational Father’s Day ideas? Plan an afternoon of special activities for the grandkids and their Grandpas that feature crafts, games, and lots of lasting memories. Here are just a few from notjustbingo to consider:


Set out several kits for the senior men to assemble with their grandkids, like padde wheel boatsbirdhouses, or sailboats. If time permits, encourage the participants to try out their creations. For instance, set up a kiddie pool with water in the backyard for the kids to try out their boats.


Arrange to have the grandfathers provide one-on-one teachable moments to their grandkids. For instance, set up several game stations throughout your facility for them to teach their grandkids how to play different games like mancala and the triangle puzzle game. Then, when the grandchildren return in the future, they can play again in hopes of one day beating Grandpa at the game! Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Physical Education


Whether you’re Irish or not- today is your lucky day! PE Central has compiled a list of bulletin board ideas, warm-up activities and lesson ideas that will help you get your students moving this St. Patrick’s Day.

Bulletin Board Ideas

  • We Are So Lucky to Have PE – As we know & champion for, physical education is important and there’s nothing like this cute bulletin board idea to remind your students and school how lucky they are to have it.

pe st. patrick's day Continue reading

Sensory Tube Activities for St. Patrick’s Day



sensory tube activites

Include some sensory activities for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! These sensory tubes are easy to make and provide both visual and auditory benefits. There are many different types of materials you can use to create some amazing effects, plus you can experiment with each activity.

For this activity, we used a set of sensory tubes. The set comes with 4 clear tubes with both vented lids which are great for auditory use, and solid lids which are great for liquids. The twist-tight lids are very secure, but if you are happy with how your project comes out and are using liquids, you may want to glue them closed to be safe. These sensory tubes are a great alternative to the commonly used mason jars, because they are plastic which is safer for kids.

Here is how we made each of the four tubes: Continue reading

Fun Presidents Day Games for Seniors


presidents' day seniorsCelebrate Presidents’ Day on February 20th with senior residents by planning a few presidential games and activities to keep them engaged. They can also show off their historical knowledge and work on their mental and motor skills. Here are a few ideas from to get you started:

One-on-One Games

  • Presidential Memory Challenge – Test your resident’s memory while educating him or her about our nation’s presidents by playing a fun one-on-one presidential memory game. To play, provide a trivia card to your resident for them to review and memorize for 10 seconds. Then take the card away and ask him questions based on what they memorized. Use the enclosed timer to keep track of your resident’s time.
  • Coin Club – Start a two-person coin club with you and your resident as you take out a few state quarters and other coins to examine.

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9 Senior Activities to Celebrate Chinese New Year


chinese new yearChinese New Year is on January 28th this year, as it is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Help get your senior residents involved in the traditional festivities by adding a few of these ideas from to your activity program:

1. Host a Chinese Tea Party – If you have lots of tea drinkers in your facility, consider hosting a special Chinese New Year tea party, featuring popular Chinese teas like oolong or lavender. Encourage residents to dress up for this special afternoon tea.

chinese new year2. Teach a Fan Dance – Play music and pass out paper fans for residents to use to work their arm muscles as you lead them in a fan-waving exercise. Ahead of time, organize a craft activity for residents to decorate the fans.

3. Organize a Lantern Festival – Invite residents to make Chinese lanterns to hang in your Dining Room for a special lantern festival lunch. Beforehand, coordinate with Dining Services to provide a “lucky” lunch featuring some of the traditional lucky foods for the Chinese New Year, including dumplings, chicken, and noodles. Continue reading

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