How to Teach Students About Sugar & Nutrition


teach students sugarOne day I was looking at the sugar amount in our chocolate milk and the fruit juice that our cafeteria is offering. Both drinks contain 24 grams and 28 grams of sugar, totaling 52 grams. This total is 5 grams more than the daily allotment for the entire day that children should have, which is outrageous!

So, I used our Fuel Up Play 60 grant for Nutrition and Fitness to show the amount of sugar in beverages and food that students digest. We chose fifteen different drinks and food items. We also had a guest speaker on nutrition to show the effects of sugar on the human body. All K-5 grades had to attend our Physical Education Nutrition Presentation for this day, as many as four classes at once. Continue reading

Keheley Elementary School – Health & Wellness Leaders


health and wellness school

Health & PE Teacher Stephanie Lawson shares how Keheley Elementary School in Marietta, GA has become an active school.

Our Wellness Team at has been established for at least 9 years and we have slowly built a great team composed of myself, the school nurse, cafeteria manager, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, a parent, and a student. Our Wellness team really got on board with wellness with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation first, and then later with Let’s Move! Active Schools. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation encouraged our school to complete the School Heatlh Inventory and apply for the Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award. Let’s Move! Active Schools inspired us to dance and get students moving, and provided us with new ideas and resources.

Morning Walk Program

We have a morning walking program before school three days a week called Walk Fit.  They walk from 7:25-7:45 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The students LOVE it, and our classroom teachers say that they encourage students to go to Walk Fit because when they return to the class they are happy and more alert to learn that morning. Continue reading

Healthy Choices for Kids – Tips & Snack Recipes


healthy choices With Every Kid Healthy™ week coming up (April 25-29) and the Y’s Healthy Kids Day® (April 30th), we recognize the importance of encouraging students to make healthy choices and understand nutrition. A great way to do this is through cooking classes and introducing healthy snacks that kids can try and even make. Chef Rita Neal from Growing Great Schools has shared some great recipes and tips on how to help students eat healthier.

As a professionally trained chef one of my greatest joys is being in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes. Over the past several months I have been focusing most of my experimentation on recipes that appeal to kids. Five years ago a group of parents and I helped start a nonprofit called Growing Great Schools (GGS). Continue reading

Health & Wellness Education at Colonial Hills School


Health and WellnessHaving a strong health and wellness program in your school is very important. We love to highlight schools that have made a difference in physical education. Coach Terri Pitts from Colonial Hills Elementary School shares how her school educated their students and the community about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

Colonial Hills Get’s Active:

Colonial Hills Elementary is located in San Antonio, Texas and has approximately 780 students. It is a bilingual school, and approximately 80% of the families are considered economically disadvantaged. Two years ago our school initiated a Wellness Committee comprised of twelve staff members and six community partners.

We also initiated our Colonial Hills’ KSHAC (Kids School Health Advisory Council). It is a 21 member council of enthusiastic 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students that meet two to three times a month to develop their own ideas on ways they can promote health and wellness through their actions on our campus. They act as leaders by being the voice for the student body as it relates to physical and mental health.

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The Importance of a Fitness Plan For Students


Fitness planLet’s pretend that you are my student. The plan is for you be fit healthy and active for life. As your teacher I’m supposed to give you the knowledge, skills & tools to be able to be fit, healthy, and active for life. However, every student does not succeed at this. How can I assess them to help them become successful? I can assess your motor skills, social skills, and record your fitness measurements. I might even be progressive enough to test your cognitive knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition. But how far did I help you climb up Bloom’s Pyramid of Taxonomy? How deep is your knowledge? Can you remember and understand applications of the present topic in order to analyze the information? Can you do this while evaluating the new knowledge you have accessed in order to reach the pinnacle of the pyramid, thereby blooming like a flower with pedals for creation?

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