How to Prepare for Your First PE Class of the Year


First PE class of the yearHopefully you enjoyed your summer break!  If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about getting ready for the first day of class. I applaud you for planning ahead. There are some teachers who show up the first week and do all the preparation then. But this can lead to unwarranted stress and frustration.  For teachers, the first week of school is full of meetings about new initiatives, lunches to catch up with colleagues, and getting the supplies needed to physically prepare the teaching environment.  As physical education teachers, we know better than anyone else that preparation is the key to success in any game, and this translates to the world of teaching as well.  Below are some tips and tricks on the best ways to prepare for the first PE class of the year. Continue reading

Tips for Parents – Preparing Kids for Back to School


back to school tips parentsWe have now entered that time of year – the ritualistic preparation for back to school. New size uniforms, school supplies, learning about your child’s new teacher, and buying community classroom supplies are just a few of the to-do items on your list of back to school preparations.

But what about preparing your child for school from a physical standpoint? Is this on your list? It should be. As a physical education teacher of over 14 years, I know that when students come to school physically unprepared, it slows their acclimation to the new year and can stunt their growth academically.  Below are some key tips to ensure your child hits the ground running, pun intended, for the start of this school year. Continue reading

Back to School Tips for PE Teachers


back to school pe teacherWelcome to the start of back to school, Physical Education teachers!  Are you excited that the school year is about to start? Are you nervous? Or are you like me, thinking to yourself, “What in the world am I going to do this year that’s different than years past?”  Maybe you’re ready for the year and have everything together.  Maybe you just need a quick refresher on what to expect and how to organize yourself.  Here are some tips to get back in the rhythm of being back in school:


Have your first couple weeks and/or month planned out. Not sure where to begin?  Start with what worked last year.  Think of a way to learn the student’s names.  Personally, I like putting my students in squads.  Continue reading

10 Items to Create an Organized Classroom!


Organization plays a huge support role in managing your classroom. Easy access to materials and an understanding of classroom flow can have a dramatic effect on student learning. Teachers need to consider special needs of students, room for themselves to walk around and monitor, and how to minimize disturbances during lessons.

Storage bins, carts, crates, and containers are all without a doubt handy in creating the perfect organized classroom environment.  Ready to make full use of your classroom space, but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of items to help you create a fun and welcoming learning environment, right off the bat!

12 Bin Tilt Storage

The Tilt Bin uses our lock tight Jumbo Bins with bright colored handles and translucent tops for easy content identification. This is perfect for storing manipulatives or starting a Makerspace to encourage students to create.

organized classroom

Classroom Keepers Paper Organizer

We love this paper organizer because it is cost affordable for our customers and allows for students to practice responsibility and organizational skills. Plus, it helps you know when you are running low on certain color papers.

organized classroom Continue reading