Torn Paper Art and Writing Lesson for Elementary School


torn paper art lesson

Objective: To inspire children’s writing through the use of textured torn paper and collage

Age: 6+

Time: 30-45 minutes (writing varies) Grades: 1st +


Lesson for Torn Paper Art

1. Allow your students to choose the topic they want to create. For this example, you will see an example of a winter themed snowman and a snail in the grass.
2. Choose the color paper you want as a background.
3. Choose the different color paper you want to use to create your picture.
4. Tear the colors slowly into various shapes to represent the topic/ setting or habitat.
5. Glue pieces into place carefully.

Note: If you tear paper quickly and narrowly, you will enable the paper to curl. Allow them to practice if needed. Remember, no scissors! Continue reading

How to Make Snowman Candy Treat Gifts



With two kids in daycare full time, I am always looking for special ways to thank their teachers for all the love and support they give my kids. Just a little something to let them know they are appreciated. I decided to make these fun winter snowman treats one morning when I was wishing I had a pair of fuzzy socks myself! On a cold winter’s day who doesn’t want some warm socks and a sweet treat? Once I made some for my children’s teachers, I decided that there were many other people in my life who would enjoy this gift as well. So I made some for my sisters, colleagues and even the mail carrier. Continue reading

Top 10 Winter Craft Ideas for Kids


The holidays are just around the corner and the winter season upon us! It can be tough to find activities that are not specific to the Christmas holiday, so we put together a list of winter craft ideas that anyone can enjoy no matter what holiday they celebrate. These crafts can be used in classrooms, afterschool programs, and make great gifts for the season.

Snowman Ornament

Our snap together ornaments can be used to make these adorable snowmen! Fill them with white material, like Poly-fil, cotton balls, or just white paper cut into pieces. You can also paint the inside with white acrylic paint, or spread clear glue on the inside and shake glitter onto it. Then draw a face with permanent markers, or use a hole puncher and glue black dots for the eyes and mouth. You can also use orange sticky felt for the nose.

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Top 10 Christmas Crafts


Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays for crafting! Both kids and adults can create ornaments and decorations to give to their family members and friends. We’ve put together a list of 10 Christmas Crafts you will love to make, and that will last from season to season!

Christmas Tree Ornament

These ceramic trees come in a pack of 24 and are great for a group project. Decorate them in many different ways, using paint, marker, and a variety of craft supplies such as gems, trim, and glitter. They also come with the string already attached!

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10 Winter Holiday Craft Ideas


Tis the season to be crafty! The holidays are only a few weeks away and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some fun winter holiday crafts? If you’re planning activities for school break, looking for homemade gifts for loved ones, or just getting into the holiday spirit, you will love exploring these fun winter holiday crafts we have handpicked just for you!

fun holiday craft ideas

Snowman Ornament Craft Kit

Make your snowman come to life with this snowman kit. Wrap him in a scarf, give him some buttons, and add the fuzzy ear muffs to match. Use our adhesive magnetic tape to put him on your refrigerator!

winter craft snowman

Color-Me Snow Globes

Design your own snow globe! Use a picture or draw fun holiday scenes, like Santa and his reindeer. Then watch glitter and snow fall all around them. These snow globes make great personal gifts. Check out our Snow Globe Craft Ideas for the Holiday blog for some fun holiday themed ideas!

holiday craft snow globe

Snowflake Craft Kit

Let it Snow! Turn your office or classroom into a winter wonderland with these large paper snowflakes. Sequins and markers come with the kit so that each artist can make their snowflake shine!

snowflake craft for winter

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