DIY Doily Santa Craft for Kids


Doily Santa Holiday Craft

Kids can make a doily santa decoration using a few simple craft materials! Use this as a fun group craft project or a one-on-one activity. To make this craft even easier, we have created a Free Printable Download with each shape. Place the color construction paper you need behind each shape and cut along the lines.

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10 DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Craft Ideas


Looking for some fun new crafts and decorations to help you with your Fall and Thanksgiving celebrations? Check out our top 10 DIY crafts that you can keep up all season long!

Thanksgiving Craft Stick Wreath

Our Craft Stick Wreath Craft Kit can be easily turned into a Fall and Thanksgiving themed activity! This simple wreath is made with regular and jumbo craft sticks that are colored with markers and water to give a blended look. Then simply glue the craft sticks to the included wreath shape. Everything you need to make the wreath is included in the kit.

If you want to get even more creative like we did, add a festive message using jute string, oak tag, and the markers which are included in the kit. We also thought it would be fun to have some of our wood leaves hanging in the center.

Pie Garland 

Who doesn’t love eating pie for Thanksgiving? Make a festive pie garland to hang up as a decoration for your Thanksgiving events. These Kraft Paper Pennants work great because they are made from heavy paper, the perfect pie shape, pre-punched holes, and the color makes it easier to decorate.

Fold a strip of white or tan paper accordian style to create the crust at the top. Glue the sides to the back of the kraft paper so you don’t block the holes. Then string jute through the kraft paper holes. You can choose which types of pies you’d like to create. Here’s how we made the 4 you see here: Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Activities


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some fun crafts and activities! Make shamrocks, leprechauns, and other creative Irish themed projects to add some luck and color to the holiday. These ideas are great for both kids and adults.

Wooden Shamrock 

st patrick's day

This is one of our favorite holiday craft ideas from our craft expert Crafty Kate. She used some of our leftover wooden hearts from Valentine’s Day and used them to make a 4 leaf clover! Use green stain to give it a realistic look. Then fit them together with tacky glue. Add a popsicle stick to the end for the stem. The finished clover can be used as a hanging decoration or a cup holder! Continue reading

Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas with Play-Doh


We are so excited to share these ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. The tradition of handing out candy Valentines with cute little messages, sending friends a treat, or expressing your love and care for your students with a small gift, is something that is still enjoyed by many.  Although candy hearts, red hots, and yummy chocolates are still favorites for Valentine’s Day gifts, there are many classrooms or organizations that do not allow candy, or even teachers and administration that may not want to encourage piling sugar into the day.

One of our new products this year is this Play-Doh® Valentines Day bag with 15 mini cans of 1 oz. play-doh in 3 Valentine’s Day colors! The bag even comes with gift tag stickers that make it super easy to hand out valentines at parties, in the classroom, or to any fun-loving friends and sweethearts! They are the perfect Valentine’s Day non-candy craft that inspire creativity, encourage play, and last much longer than chocolate or candy.

playdoh valentines day

Plus, we have some great Play-Doh Schoolpacks for large groups, and our Play-Doh Schoolpack of 48 mini play-doh tubs end up being less than $.84 cents each!

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Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day


Hearts are the traditional symbol for Valentine’s Day! There’s so many ways to show you care on this love-filled holiday. We’ve chosen 8 of our favorite heart crafts that are great for a variety of ages, and make wonderful gifts, decorations, and accessories. Each craft can be personalized and made from the heart!

Heart Frames

valentines day heart frame

Our adorable Color-Me™ bisque frames are the perfect memorable Valentine’s Day gifts! Kids can use acrylic paint to decorate, and add fun designs like polka dots, xoxo, or hearts. Once it dries, they can choose a photo for the center and bring it home to their family! Our 4×4 frames come in a pack of 24, so this is a great activity for the classroom and afterschool. Continue reading

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