Budget Friendly Color-Me Crafts for Holiday Gifts


It is that time of year when thoughts turn to gift giving with the holidays being right around the corner. For many of us DIY-ers and instructors, this is a great time to start planning projects that can make great gifts. When you want to create a keepsake gift, our Color-Me product line is a perfect place to start, and at budget friendly prices! Most projects come in pack of 6, 12 or 24 so you can easily choose the size that best fits your list! Use your own decorating supplies to keep the cost per project as low as possible, or check out our arts and craft supplies to create that special gift for someone.

Here are a few of my favorites “gift” worthy Color-Me projects for any holiday season.

Color-Me Ceramic Bisque Planters
($2.67 per project)

There are so many ways to decorate this ceramic bisque planter! You can “stitch” cord and beads through holes and/or create a hanging planter by threading cord through 4 holes to create a hanger. Decorate with acrylic paint or permanent markers. Planter is glazed on the inside to hold water. Pack of 12, each measures 4” tall.

color me gifts

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Give your toddler the perfect gifts for the holiday! Here are 10 hand picked items from one of our S&S associates.
 toddler gifts
1. Paperback Classics Book Set

This year my son has a huge fascination with reading (and not always to extend bedtime!) He really enjoys reading new books as well as helping to recite some of his favorites. I love this pack of paperback books because it includes so many classics that I also enjoyed as a child. Continue reading


Crafts & Activities to Celebrate Grandparents Day


grandparents dayGrandparents Day is Sunday, September 11th. Whether you are an activities director at a senior center or an afterschool instructor, there are lots of ways to help celebrate grandparents on this special day. Host an afternoon of fun with some games and craft stations to keep everyone interested and talking. Add in some simple snacks and everyone will enjoy themselves!

Craft Activities

1. Building Birdhouses:

Crafts are a great way to have everyone, younger or older, work together. Building birdhouses is a timeless activity that everyone can share and relate to. Older folks can lend advice or a hand as needed while the younger participants build the houses. Then together a grandparent and grandchild can paint and decorate the house. As a special memory, have each person sign their name on the bottom of the birdhouse in permanent marker.

View our wide selection of birdhouses here. Some of our favorites include the unfinished wooden birdhouse shown below that comes in a pack of 12, and this wood bird feeder that is also a pack of 12.

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Using Makey Makey for Active Play & STEM


makey makey STEM

Recently I was introduced to this awesome little tool called the Makey Makey. This product has become so popular in classrooms, afterschool programs like the YMCA, occupational therapy, and many other industries. With the movie Civil War being so popular, I came up with the idea to create a game with Scratch Studio that pits Captain America versus Iron Man and allows each player to become the characters and get active. This Makey Makey activity encapsulates STEM and Active Play. Continue reading


AOTA National Conference 2016


AOTA conferenceS&S Worldwide has the pleasure of attending the American Occupational Therapist Association National Conference (AOTA) once a year. This time around, the conference brought us to the Windy City of Chicago! True to its name, the weather was crazy. But the wind, rain, and snow did not slim down the attendance! Some 10,000 attendees worked their way downtown to take advantage of all the wonderful speakers, demonstrations and of course, exhibitors that this year’s conference had to offer. Continue reading


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