5 Ways to Host the Best Summer Carnival for Senior Residents


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If you’re planning to host a summer carnival for your senior residents this year at your assisted living facility, be sure to include these 5 elements to make the event fun and memorable!

Carnival Games

Make sure to include fun games for your residents to play!

Tossing Gamescarvinal theme toss game

Have residents toss rubber rings over objects you set up in your Activity Room, such as recycled bottles that you place in a crate for a DIY toss game setup. You can also set up a few jumbo inflatable toss games that help with coordination.

Traditional Carnival Games

What’s a carnival without a duck pond? Have residents fish ducks out of an inflatable pond using small nets. You can also challenge them to think of different objects they can use besides their hands to fish them out, for example placing two ping pong paddles together. Another classic game idea is knocking-down cans, or milk bottles. Continue reading

8 Patriotic Symbols to Celebrate at Your Senior Facility


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There are several patriotic holidays and observances throughout the year that you can celebrate and recongize at your senior facility. Below are 6 patriotic symbols with activity ideas from notjustbingo.com for each.

Patriotic Holidays, Observances, & Days of Honor

  • Memorial Day – May 28th
  • D-Day – June 6th
  • Flag Day – June 14th
  • Armed Forces Day – June 30th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Labor Day – September 3rd
  • Veterans Day – November 11th

1. Uncle Sam

  • Host an Uncle Sam Contest in which residents wear their red, white, and blue to dress like Uncle Sam. In fact, inspire your Activity Staff to wear their Uncle Sam attire for the event as well.
  • Print out and pass around pictures of military recruitment posters for World War II.
  • Reminisce about World War II rations and victory gardens that were implemented to help Uncle Sam win the war.

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Activities for Older Americans Month – Engage at Every Age


older americans month

Have fun in May as you help your senior residents celebrate Older Americans Month. Throughout the month, schedule fun activities that coordinate with the 2018 theme “Engage at Every Age”, and provide opportunities for your residents to learn, share, volunteer, and celebrate.


Teach your residents something new during the month of May by planning educational activities. For instance, invite speakers into your facility to give talks during a Senior Lecture Series, or use adventure DVDs to take your residents on armchair travel adventures, right in your Activity Room.

As a weekly activity, pick a different skill or technique to teach your residents. For example teach the residents in your Baking Club about your technique for making lattice-crust pies, or teach your Pottery Club members the pinching technique for shaping clay pottery. Continue reading

National Nursing Home Week – Celebrating Life’s Stories Theme


national nursing home week

Celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week, formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, with your residents during the weeklong event from May 13th-19th. Choose activities that fit the 2018 theme “Celebrating Life’s Stories” by featuring activities that help residents document, share, and create stories.

Documenting Stories

Invite residents to help document their life stories to share with their family members. As an activity, encourage residents to make tie-dyed journals for them to begin recording their stories that can be given to their children and grandchildren. For a less messy option, provide residents with kraft journals that they can decorate using crayons or markers. Continue reading

Indoor Activity Ideas for Senior Residents


Are your residents feeling “stuck” indoors during the cold or rainy weather? If your residents are bored or are suffering from cabin fever, create some fun activities that use their mind, their hands, and their creativity. Here are a few to test out today:


To stimulate the mind, start off with matching games for residents to play, like a memory match game with real life images and thick foam pieces to make them easy to grasp. In addition, try out several new trivia games for your residents, like a Jingles and Taglines trivia game, a legends of the Old West trivia game, or a 1960s trivia game.

senior activities

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