Colorful Buckets Activity – Kicking Unit for PE


By Erik Myer, Elementary PE Teacher

colorful bucket PE activity

The other day I was looking for a different type of kicking activity to do with my students.  I decided to take a look at Coach Pirillo’s YouTube channel for inspiration. I came across a game called Colorful Pins. What was unique about this game is that he had his students kicking a deck ring across the floor rather than a ball. I decided I wanted to try this game out with my students. 

Since I didn’t have three foot tall inflatable pins that Ben was using with his classes, I had to modify the activity with the equipment I had on hand. The pins that Ben were using were the six colors of a rainbow. There were also cards of similar color that would be collected if you hit a pin with the deck ring. My idea was to use my rainbow colored buckets. They are much smaller and lighter than the pins. I added 8-10 bean bags to each bucket to weigh them down so they would not move much or get knocked over.

I then went to Coach Pirillo’s website to download the free cards he made available. After downloading the set of cards, I laminated them so they would hold up over time. Continue reading

DIY Wood Pallet Sign Projects for Under $3


DIY wood pallet signs

Many of our customers ask for ideas on adult and teen crafts, and DIY crafts that can be given as gifts or used as decoration. That was our inspiration for this DIY Wood Pallet Sign project, which can also be customized in so many different ways and makes a great group project.

DIY Wood Pallet Signs are a very popular and trendy home decor addition for that farmhouse, shabby chic look – just check out this search on Pinterest! These wood pallet signs we created are sized just right to keep on a counter, desk, or even hang on a small area of the wall.

Great Addition to Your Crafting Program

Since these are so popular and EASY to make, participants will love that they can enjoy them or even gift them to a loved one for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even Grandparent’s Day. The wood paint sticks are large enough where this craft project can be inclusive for many ages and abilities. Plus, to make the sized pallet sign you see below, it costs your group less than $3 per sign!

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Featured PE Teacher – Michael Beringer


Michael Beringer PE teacherAbout Michael Beringer:

I’m a Physical Education Specialist at Fairview School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I teach K4 through 8th grade Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education for 640 students. I have been teaching for 21 years in two school districts. I have been at my current school for the past 19 years.

Besides my teaching duties, I am also a Ropes Course Facilitator, Adaptive Athletics Coach, and a JRFH & Hoops for Heart Coordinator. In 2013, I was awarded the WHPE Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award and in 2015 I was awarded the WHPE JRFH/Hoops for Heart Educator of the Year Award. I’ve been very blessed to able to teach kids how to be lifelong movers. My motto is Movement Matters!! Teaching kids how to live a healthy lifestyle and why a healthy lifestyle is important in their daily lives is just plain awesome. Continue reading

Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids – Planting & Recycling


earth day

Celebrating Earth Day is an opportunity to teach today’s youth about our planet and how to protect it. Raise awareness in your program by sharing ways we can help preserve our environment, whether it’s at home, at school, or in the community as a whole. By encouraging kids to make a difference and respect the world we live in, we can help build a better future.

Planting Pine Trees

Plan an event for Eath Day with your group where you plant small pine trees around your organization or in the community. Discuss the benefits these trees provide to Mother Nature, and the importance of being a part of that growth process. If each student or group member understands how something so simple as planting a tree can make a difference, it will encourage them to learn more ways to give back to the community and protect our planet.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to combine Environmental Awareness with STEM. For an educational STEM lesson, you may decide to grow your own pine tree plant from seeds using our Pine Tree Planters Craft Kit. With this hands on learning experience, your group can learn and identify the growth and development process of a seed from a plant. They will be able to identify the key elements a seed needs to thrive; soil, water, and sunlight. Continue reading

April Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar


Our April Fitness Challenge Calendar is here!

We teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of April 2018. Here is the link to the download, which is a total of pages with visuals:

Printable Fitness Calendar April 2018

April Fitness Challenge Calendar Continue reading

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