Makerspace & STEAM Learning Activity – Destination Imagination


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Destination Imagination (DI) is a non-profit experiential learning organization dedicated to preparing students for the future through hands-on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) and social entrepreneurship Challenges. Students work together in teams to solve one of our seven Challenges and then have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at tournaments. At the culmination of our Destination Imagination season, top-tiered teams from around the world earn a spot to compete at Global Finals – the world’s largest celebration of creativity. This year’s Global Finals was held May 24-27, 2017 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and was supported by innovative, forward-thinking companies including Ford Motor Company. Continue reading

Tissue Paper Art & Writing Activity for Elementary School


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Objective: To enhance children’s visual art and writing through the use of tissue paper

Age: 5+

Time: 30-45 minutes (writing varies)

Grades: Kindergarten +


Lesson for Tissue Paper Activity

1. Select the size, color, and type of paper you will want to glue tissue paper on. We used construction paper. Continue reading

Labor Day Activities for Your Residents and Their Grandkids


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Invite the grandkids to your facility to enjoy this last holiday of summer by planning fun activities that celebrate the occupations of your residents. Here are a few ideas from to add to your Labor Day festivities.

Labor Day Parade

Host a Labor Day parade in your facility by inviting residents to march in the parade. Along the parade route, ask each resident to stop and give a brief account of their occupation or to just give hints about their occupation so that the spectators can try to guess their occupation. Invite the grandchildren to join in on the parade as well. Ask each of the children to tell everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Be sure to pass out mini flags to the spectators to wave as the parade-goers march past them. Continue reading

Toss Four Game Variations for PE & Active Play


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Learn 5 different ways to use this Toss Four Game for physical education class or general active play! If you are playing indoors, hang the target from any volleyball or badminton game standards. For outdoor use, hand it from poles or use existing game standards. The game allows for multiple players at a time, and can be used for teamwork activities, practicing throwing skills, coordination, and more.

Toss Four Games

Classic Toss Four:


Toss balls at the target and get them to stick to the Velcro patches. The first team to get 4 balls in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins the game. Unlike standard 4 in a Line or Connect 4, the balls do not have to start at the bottom of the column and can be thrown anywhere on the target.


Divide your players into two teams with about the same number of players and ability. Place all the pink balls in a pile or container and all the green balls in another container. Mark a toss line about 6 feet from the target using cones, floor tape or some other means. A player’s feet must remain behind the toss line, before, during and after their throw. If they cross the line at any point and the ball they tossed sticks to the target, it must be removed and they lose their turn. Continue reading

Fun With Emojis in the Classroom or Afterschool


emoji theme

Who doesn’t love emojis? We love to use them in texts or messages, but they can even be used in the classroom and afterschool. Use them for bulletin boards, charts, posters, crafts, prizes, and more. Students can use emojis to learn how to express themselves and learn what expression represent each emotion. No matter what your teaching style, you can add an emoji theme to your lesson plan or activity! You can even use some of these ideas below for a themed emoji party.

Emojis for Classroom Management

Calendar Set

This calendar set bulletin board is great for grades K-3 and can be used during circle time or calendar time. It comes with a calendar chart, 12-month headlines, 31 pre-numbered calendar days, and 2 blank calendar days. It also includes a days-of-the-week chart, a seasons and weather chart, and coordinating labels. The emoji faces make it relatable for kids, and can even be used for nonreaders and non-English speaking students. You can also use the calendar days for number activities such as counting and place value. Continue reading

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