Field Day Activities for Senior Residents


field day seniors

As you enjoy the warmer weather, plan a fun Field Day in the backyard for your senior residents to help them get up, get out, and get moving. Organize activities throughout the day, where residents can win fun prizes and ribbons. Add to the festive atmosphere by decorating with balloons and passing out cotton candy. Be sure to entice your residents to participate in all the fun by providing games and activities that pique their interests. Here are a few from notjustbingo to get you started:

3-Point Shootout – Recruit residents to show-off their shooting skills in a basketball-shooting contest. Set up an inflatable basketball hoop and have seated residents practice taking shots to determine who can shoot the most baskets.

Air Show – Invite residents to a backyard air show, but first explain that they must help decorate the planes for the show. Set up a crafts table on your back patio for residents to paint and decorate wooden model planes. Once the planes have dried, host a plane-throwing contest to see which resident can glide their plane the farthest. Continue reading

Friendship Circle Fitness Program for Special Needs


The Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization that brings together children, teens and young adults with and without special needs for a wide range of educational and social programs in a Jewish environment. One of the many programs run by the Friendship Circle is FC Fitness, an engaging and athletic program that helps keep participants active and social during the long winter months.

This year’s FC Fitness was especially exciting with all the new equipment donated from S&S Worldwide:

FC Fitness is structured as four rotating stations, and all participants are placed in a team and given a corresponding color pinnie. Each team then made their way through all the exciting centers, practicing and developing different skills at each one.

Station 1: At the first center, they practiced passing balls to each other. Participants learned the overhead pass, the chest pass and how to bounce pass, using a flat hoop as a guide of where to bounce the ball.

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Journey Of A Community Learning Center Professional


community center learning

S&S Worldwide sponsored the National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award for Afterschool for 2017, and we are very proud of all of the nominees and winners! This is a great opportunity to highlight these afterschool professionals and the dedication they have to their programs.

Here is Andrew Fletcher’s journey as a 21st Century Community Learning Center Professional:

I first applied to work for a 21st CCLC program seven years ago while attending Idaho State University. I was simply looking for a part-time job to help pay for college tuition and expenses, which I thought an aide for an alternative Jr. High afterschool program was a good fit. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had found my passion and my career. I always had an interest working with youth so it was a perfect fit. Continue reading

7 Themed Activities for Your Field Day Event


Field Day is one of the most exciting events during the school year. It wouldn’t be complete without some themed activities designed to get kids moving and practicing the skills they learned all year. These 7 activities from PE Central feature popular themes that will get students active and having fun.

Power Rangers Field Day

With the new Power Rangers movie coming into theaters very soon, this is the perfect Field Day theme for 2017! This activity includes 6 stations, one for each color Power Ranger, plus a Power Up water station.

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National Nursing Home Week – Spirit of America Theme


spirit of america

Celebrate National Nursing Home Week (May 14th-20th) with your residents by providing activities that reflect this year’s theme: The Spirit of America. Use the week to schedule activities that relate to the true spirit of America, including its history, its immigrants, and its beauty.

American History

spirit of america themeEducational – Schedule a few trivia games to test your residents’ knowledge about American topics. For instance, for a larger group, use an interactive trivia DVD to get residents to recall important American facts and events. For a smaller group, gather residents to play an American trivia board game.

Reminiscing – Plan a fun Reminiscence Tea Party for your residents to discuss a particular American era of interest, like the Big Band era of the 1940s or the space exploration era of the 1960s. During the tea party, ask residents to discuss their experiences, like which big band they preferred or where they were when they heard that an American had landed on the moon. Continue reading

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