Across the USA Theme – State of Texas


Texas senior activitiesFor the Across the USA theme for March, take residents to the great state of Texas, since March is Texas History Month. Be sure to use the whole month as inspiration to provide activities that celebrate The Lone Star State. Here are some great ideas from

Remember the Alamo

Texas themeThroughout March, schedule fun activities for your residents that educate them about the history of Texas. For instance, on March 2nd which is Texas Flag Day, decorate your Activity Room with a Texas state flag and share fun facts with residents about the state and how it became a part of the union in 1845. Consider hosting a Texas Trivia Contest to see who really knows their stuff about America’s second largest state. Continue reading

100th Day of School PE Activities


100th day of school peCelebrate the 100th Day of School with fun physical education activities that get students active! We have found some great ideas from teachers on PE Central that incorporate the number 100 in their lesson. Some of these even have free downloads to save you time. You can plan stations, fitness exercises, dribbling, and even stacking challenges and tailor them to this theme.

Grades K-2

  • 100th Day of School – Students will practice their motor & sports skills by performing a variety of activities 100 times, such as jump rope and dribbling. Use the checklist provided in the lesson.
  • 100 Days – Ball Skills – Fill the gym with 100 different types of balls. Call out a locomotor movement as the music begins, and students must move around without touching any ball. Also incorporates the fun game Hungry Hungry Hippo!

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Classroom Management for High School Teachers


high school classroom managementKISS – Keep It Simple Strategies – Classroom Management for High School Teachers

The challenges for high school teachers come in new flavors, one of which is “no time”. Between quieting a noisy class after the bell rings, students who wander in late, and teenage behavior, you have your job cut out for you! We’ll embrace these challenges one at a time:

Time Management for High School Classes

Block scheduling is one way administrators and high school educators have come up with to maximize the time available to handle complex material. If you’ve been in a school that is migrating to the block, you know how hard it is to adapt to having big chunks of time. You’ve been used to chunking your content into smaller pieces, now you have the luxury (curse) of more time to get your point across. Continue reading

Across the USA Theme Activities – State of Louisiana


louisiana activitiesOur new Across the USA theme for 2017 will feature one new state per month! February is the state of Louisiana. The southern state of Louisiana is known for many things – food, fun, and music. So have fun with your residents this February as you help them discover the beauty and richness of the Louisiana culture. Here are some Louisiana-themed activities from to get you started.

French Influences

Louisiana, named after French King Louis XIV, has maintained a culture rich in French traditions. Try to schedule a few activities that tap into this French influence.louisiana activities

French Coffee Break – Brew a pot of French roast coffee for residents to enjoy with the morning paper.

Playing Pétanque – Teach residents how to play the French lawn game of Pétanque, which is similar to the well-known Italian bocce ball or American lawn bowling games. After your residents get the hang of the game, plan a few tournament games throughout February. In fact, Louisiana hosts a tournament each year that caters to many of the Pétanque sports clubs throughout the state. Continue reading

Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas with Play-Doh


We are so excited to share these ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. The tradition of handing out candy Valentines with cute little messages, sending friends a treat, or expressing your love and care for your students with a small gift, is something that is still enjoyed by many.  Although candy hearts, red hots, and yummy chocolates are still favorites for Valentine’s Day gifts, there are many classrooms or organizations that do not allow candy, or even teachers and administration that may not want to encourage piling sugar into the day.

One of our new products this year is this Play-Doh® Valentines Day bag with 15 mini cans of 1 oz. play-doh in 3 Valentine’s Day colors! The bag even comes with gift tag stickers that make it super easy to hand out valentines at parties, in the classroom, or to any fun-loving friends and sweethearts! They are the perfect Valentine’s Day non-candy craft that inspire creativity, encourage play, and last much longer than chocolate or candy.

playdoh valentines day

Plus, we have some great Play-Doh Schoolpacks for large groups, and our Play-Doh Schoolpack of 48 mini play-doh tubs end up being less than $.84 cents each!

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