Budget Friendly Color-Me Crafts for Holiday Gifts


It is that time of year when thoughts turn to gift giving with the holidays being right around the corner. For many of us DIY-ers and instructors, this is a great time to start planning projects that can make great gifts. When you want to create a keepsake gift, our Color-Me product line is a perfect place to start, and at budget friendly prices! Most projects come in pack of 6, 12 or 24 so you can easily choose the size that best fits your list! Use your own decorating supplies to keep the cost per project as low as possible, or check out our arts and craft supplies to create that special gift for someone.

Here are a few of my favorites “gift” worthy Color-Me projects for any holiday season.

Color-Me Ceramic Bisque Planters
($2.67 per project)

There are so many ways to decorate this ceramic bisque planter! You can “stitch” cord and beads through holes and/or create a hanging planter by threading cord through 4 holes to create a hanger. Decorate with acrylic paint or permanent markers. Planter is glazed on the inside to hold water. Pack of 12, each measures 4” tall.

color me gifts

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Create a Winter Wonderland at Your Senior Facility


winter senior residentsNeed help decorating your facility and your residents’ rooms for the winter? Here are a few easy decorating tips from notjustbingo.com to help your residents enjoy the winter season!

1. Decorate the Windows and Walls – Use window markers to draw snowflakes and winter sayings like “Let It Snow” on your resident’s windows for the season. Add a Winter Scene to the wall and bring it to life with the paper cutouts of snowflakes and winter wildlife that come with the set.

2. Involve Your Resident With the Decorating – Ask your residents to help you make a few decorations for their room. For example, fold a piece of plain white paper several times for your resident to cut out notches to make snowflakes that can be placed in front of her windows. If your resident is unable to assist with the activity, simply ask her for her opinion as to “what goes where” as you begin to decorate the room. Continue reading

Afterschool Education in STEAM


STEAM afterschoolS&S Worldwide recently sponsored the National Afterschool Association Next Generation Award for Afterschool for 2017, and we are very proud of all of the nominees and winners! This is a great opportunity to highlight these afterschool professionals and the dedication they have to their programs.

Ashley Conroy shares her experience as an afterschool leader:

As a lover of learning, I am always trying to figure out what makes a good urban teacher, especially through my interactions with students, family and community. A great lesson I learned was not from a graduate education course, but from an insightful grandmother. She explained that her grandson was now at an age where he would enter a vicious cycle and she could see him starting to make the same poor decisions she had seen so many times. “What they need,” she said, “is someone to teach them that life goes beyond the block.” I’ve thought about that for many years, about how sensitive but bold an individual must be to break those barriers and prove what can be a different future. Teachers in this system require balance; they must weigh all of the emotion that is required to work with a human medium. I truly believe in education as an opportunity to shape socially conscious individuals who are willing to help bring change to a world in need, and I want to make sure that every child in this city has that opportunity. Continue reading

Wicomico County Public Schools Get Active


Wicomico lets move active schoolsHealth and Physical Education teacher Nick Thompson shares his timeline of how Lets Move! Active Schools has helped the Wicomico County Public Schools become more physically active.

Spring of 2011 – Prince Street Elementary School

We applied and received a grant for $1000 to increase student’s activity level during school. In addition, the school was participating in Fuel up To Play 60. We had been successful with this program and wanted to add to our success. After discussion with my supervisor and Let’s Move, the following school year (2011-12) funding was transferred to my new school called Westside Intermediate School. Continue reading

Snow Globe Craft Ideas for the Holiday


Our Color-Me Snow Globes can be decorated and personalized in so many ways! Here are 6 fun ideas and some tips when creating your snow globe project. I created some holiday designs but these ideas can be easily modified for any season or theme.

Fun Holiday Snow Globe Ideas

1. Snowmen: Make dimensional drawings or collages of any theme! I chose to make a snowman scene. First, draw the pieces and color them with marker. Then outline with a fine tip marker and some glitter glue for added contrast. Cut all the pieces out. To make a tinted look, use a watercolor wash on the background paper (don’t use too much water). Once that is dry, glue the tree and the two snowmen using 3D foam adhesive dots.

snow globe craft

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