Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Give your toddler the perfect gifts for the holiday! Here are 10 hand picked items from one of our S&S associates.
 toddler gifts
1. Paperback Classics Book Set

This year my son has a huge fascination with reading (and not always to extend bedtime!) He really enjoys reading new books as well as helping to recite some of his favorites. I love this pack of paperback books because it includes so many classics that I also enjoyed as a child. Continue reading

MyPlate Activities for Middle School Health Class


myplate activity healthI have some students this year with extreme Latex allergies that have been unable to participate in some of the kinesthetic learning activities incorporated in our Middle School Health class. Thus, the challenge to locate a Latex-free ball became a major target that I wanted to aim for before this school year ended. Hours of my time before and after school was filled with both phone calls and researching to attempt to locate allergen-free physical activity products. When I finally discovered that S&S Worldwide made some Latex-free products, I began celebrating! Finally!!! I was so excited that these Latex-free gator balls would actually be able to be touched by those allergy-prone students. The first time that one of my students was able to join in the game, the entire group of 8th graders began clapping simultaneously. This young man’s life was socially, mentally, emotionally and physically improved because of this.

Here are a few of the games we play in the classroom once we have accomplished our Health Objective. Continue reading

5 Thanksgiving Games to Add to Your Activity Calendar


thanksgiving games activity directorWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, get your residents excited and active during the holiday season by scheduling fun facility-wide competitions. Here are a few Thanksgiving games from to get you started.

Turkey Bowl

Instead of playing the traditional game of football during this time of the year, challenge residents to a game of bowling – turkey bowling! To play, simply modify your existing bowling pins by taping feathers to the back of each pin. In addition, consider setting up several bowling games in your Activity Room to encourage more people to play. To make it even more fun, the day before the competition, divide residents into teams and encourage team members to dress alike for the competition (e.g., all wear red shirts or all wear baseball caps – an item that they all have) to encourage “team unity.” Afterwards, award mini trophies to the winning Turkey Bowl team. Continue reading

Quilt Mosaic Craft Activity


quilt mosaic craftAutumn is in the air here in Connecticut and fall colors are everywhere! I thought it would be a perfect time to show how our new Quilt Mosaic craft kit can be created in a fall color theme. This patterned paper mosaic kit comes with reproducible quilt block templates,  sheets of squares and triangle paper shapes in assorted colors and patterns (enough to make 32 quilt squares) and an instruction guide. We recommend using either white glue or glue sticks to adhere the paper mosaic pieces. If you or your group enjoys puzzles or if you are looking for a way to incorporate history, math and geometry into a hands-on lesson, this is a great activity! Continue reading

Dock Dogs – PE Warm-up Activity


pe activity

If you are looking for an activity that deals with jumping and landing, Dock Dogs is a great PE warm-up activity. I got the idea from a fellow PE teacher (Mark Jungmann), and I just modified the equipment. This activity will have students sweating until the very end!


How to Play:

Form two lines, or if you have more trampolines, it could be more. Students will start at the poly spots. The first two will sprint to the trampoline, jump off the trampoline and over the noodle hurdle, and then Continue reading

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