Wooden Bangle Bracelet Craft


bangle bracelet craft

These wooden bangle bracelets are one of our favorite crafts, especially for summer camp! You can be creative and match your own style, and there are so many options for decorating. These can be for both kids and adults. Pick your favorite designs from the photo and learn how to make them! See the instructions below for each.

Material Options:

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Integrating Literacy Into Physical Education


literacy physical educationIt is everyone’s job, including PE teachers, to prepare students with the skills to succeed in today’s job market. Aside from math, literacy is the most fundamental skill any student needs to succeed in a global economy.

Common Core – The Future of PE

As times have changed, so too has the role of physical educators. My first physical education teaching job was in a very old and small Catholic private school. The school was virtually on an island surrounded by three streets and a shopping center—and there was no gym.  All I had to work with was a parking lot with a backdrop of a major discount thrift store and a small room with a big pole in the middle of it.  If a soccer ball was kicked too hard, it would wind up in the street.  To say it was ideal is a misnomer.

I had been hired to replace the teacher who founded the physical education course at the school. The teacher was a bit old school. She recommended I do games like push cans with sticks to build fine motor skills. The equipment was severely lacking of anything modern.  My primary focus at the time was to modernize the program and teach sport skills. Fast forward to today and it is no longer just enough to teach sport skills.  It is no longer enough to focus on physical skills alone.  The new expectation, outside of a lifetime fitness-based approach to a physical education program, is the integration of common core subject areas into PE. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Awareness Activities for Senior Facilities


alzheimers awareness

With World Alzheimer’s Day coming up on September 21st and National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in November, consider scheduling a variety of activities that educate others while also stimulating senior residents in your assisted living or nursing facility. Here are some ideas from notjustbingo.com.

Dress in Purple: Encourage staff members and even residents to wear purple in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Day. Also tie inflated purple balloons throughout your facility for the day.

Host an Alzheimer’s Seminar: Use the day as a way to re-educate and remind staff members of using different therapies when trying to engage with Alzheimer’s residents, like the Validation Method (focusing on empathizing and listening) or the Montessori Method (engaging the senses).

Coordinate a Memory Walk: Either plan a memory walk in your facility or join one of the many Alzheimer’s Association’s memory walk events throughout the country during September or October. If you decide to host an event at your facility, ask family members to pledge money for each lap that their love one walks in your facility’s hallways. Donate the proceeds to a local Alzheimer’s charity. Continue reading

Crafts & Activities to Celebrate Grandparents Day


grandparents dayGrandparents Day is Sunday, September 11th. Whether you are an activities director at a senior center or an afterschool instructor, there are lots of ways to help celebrate grandparents on this special day. Host an afternoon of fun with some games and craft stations to keep everyone interested and talking. Add in some simple snacks and everyone will enjoy themselves!

Craft Activities

1. Building Birdhouses:

Crafts are a great way to have everyone, younger or older, work together. Building birdhouses is a timeless activity that everyone can share and relate to. Older folks can lend advice or a hand as needed while the younger participants build the houses. Then together a grandparent and grandchild can paint and decorate the house. As a special memory, have each person sign their name on the bottom of the birdhouse in permanent marker.

View our wide selection of birdhouses here. Some of our favorites include the unfinished wooden birdhouse shown below that comes in a pack of 12, and this wood bird feeder that is also a pack of 12.

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10 Non Candy Halloween Items for Trick or Treat


trick or treat halloweenGet creative this Halloween with some non-candy alternatives for trick or treat! Kids get plenty of candy for the holiday, so why not add some fun and interactive treats to their bags to offset the traditional candy overload? Plus, they can get so many more uses out of these items. Here are some of our favorites this season. These are also perfect for schools that have Trunk or Treats or Fall Festivals. Choose a few different ones and let kids pick their favorites!

Halloween Coloring Books 

halloween trick or treat

These little 10 page coloring books feature fun Halloween designs. They come in a bulk pack of 144 so it’s a great value and you’ll have plenty for your Trick or Treat visitors! Continue reading

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