Hawaiian Themed Activities for Your Senior Facility


hawaiian theme senior facilityWith very few observances and holidays in August, try to organize a fun Hawaiian themed celebration for your residents to enjoy on the day that Hawaii became the 50th state (Sunday, August 21). Here are 13 activity ideas from notjustbingo.com.

1. Afternoon Luau: Coordinate with Dining Services to serve a Hawaiian feast featuring pork and rice. During the feast, round up a few volunteers or staff members to be the entertainment to demonstrate the Hula dance to residents. Call a few residents up “on stage” for the demonstrations!

2. Hula Dance Class: Organize an exercise activity where teach residents the art of the Hula dance. Assist residents with getting a full-body workout while moving their arms, hands, hips, and legs slowly to the music.

3. Blue Hawaii Afternoon Social: Channel your inner Elvis as you host a Blue Hawaii afternoon social featuring Hawaiian songs by Elvis Presley. Whip up a few non-alcoholic Blue Hawaii drinks for residents to sample. Continue reading

Tips for Parents – Preparing Kids for Back to School


back to school tips parentsWe have now entered that time of year – the ritualistic preparation for back to school. New size uniforms, school supplies, learning about your child’s new teacher, and buying community classroom supplies are just a few of the to-do items on your list of back to school preparations.

But what about preparing your child for school from a physical standpoint? Is this on your list? It should be. As a physical education teacher of over 14 years, I know that when students come to school physically unprepared, it slows their acclimation to the new year and can stunt their growth academically.  Below are some key tips to ensure your child hits the ground running, pun intended, for the start of this school year. Continue reading

Back to School Tips for PE Teachers


back to school pe teacherWelcome to the start of back to school, Physical Education teachers!  Are you excited that the school year is about to start? Are you nervous? Or are you like me, thinking to yourself, “What in the world am I going to do this year that’s different than years past?”  Maybe you’re ready for the year and have everything together.  Maybe you just need a quick refresher on what to expect and how to organize yourself.  Here are some tips to get back in the rhythm of being back in school:


Have your first couple weeks and/or month planned out. Not sure where to begin?  Start with what worked last year.  Think of a way to learn the student’s names.  Personally, I like putting my students in squads.  Continue reading

Activity Ideas for National Assisted Living Week


National Assisted Living WeekThis year’s theme for National Assisted Living Week (September 11-17) is “Keep Connected” through the use of technology. Throughout the week, consider altering a few of your regularly scheduled activities by adding in a bit of technology. Here are a few ideas from notjustbingo.com to consider:

Cultural: Use tablets as a way to educate bedridden residents about subjects of interest. For instance, show art history lovers a YouTube documentary about the Louvre Museum in Paris, or teach your resident how to play Sudoku online.

Social: Access online quizzes on your phone to host afternoon trivia contests for your residents. Divide residents into groups, like first floor vs. second floor or men vs. women, to add some competition into the mix! Continue reading

5 Summer Camp Games to Engage Campers


summer camp gamesSummer camp has an unusual rhythm. Even though it can last anywhere from a week to eight weeks, it often feels much longer. The start of camp is fun and exciting. Everyone is getting to know one another, and lots of fun activities are going on. After some time spent at camp, however, campers and counselors can start to fatigue.  Then things usually pick up towards the end.  As a result, the last couple of weeks are fast and fun with lots of summer camp activities coming to a close.

So, what do you do when you notice things start to feel like they are dragging on and campers need a boost?  Below are five go-to summer camp games that engage campers and never go out of style.   Continue reading

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