Classroom Management for Library Media Specialists


Library Media Specialists

Today’s Keep It Simple Strategies (KISS) – Classroom Management for Library Media Specialists

For discussion purposes, let’s assume you are a Library Media Specialist at the Elementary level. There is so much information about organizing school libraries in ways that will make the facility fun to visit. That’s my priority as a Library Media Specialist. I really want kids to want to be there. Here are some tips on how to go about making your library a popular place!

Make it Easy to Navigate and Understand

We teach Dewey Decimal system at this level and it helps, but sometimes a shy kid will need some extra assistance. I have prepared podcasts for listening on iPods in our library. Continue reading

6 Tips for Camp Counselors Starting a New PE Program


Camp Counselors

The thought of running physical activities for campers can be scary for camp counselors. What if someone gets hurt?  What if the campers don’t listen? What if they don’t like the games?  You can probably go on and on with what-if questions. The hard truth is that there is a learning curve the first time you do anything.  Over time, and with practice, you get better at what you are learning.  With just a few tips you can be good at running a successful PE program for campers.  As a physical education teacher of fourteen years and a former camp counselor, I have found these key elements to be helpful: Continue reading

Tie Dye Bandana Craft for National Dog Day


National Dog Day tie dye bandana craftNational Dog Day is Friday, August 26th! We all treat our pets as family, so why not make a personalized craft to show your dogs how special they are? I love this tie dye bandana idea, and it can be used for any occasion!


Continue reading

West Virginia Becomes Active Schools Champion


West Virginia Let's Move Active SchoolsIt was so great to hear about the success of West Virginia in becoming the first state to have all public elementary schools enrolled in Let’s Move! Active Schools, and how so many organizations, community, staff, and teachers came together to make this possible.

Each month we highlight a school’s Let’s Move! Active Schools success story on our blog from the perspective of one of the teachers, sharing how their school raised the bar in physical education with this program. We wanted to share this particular story from PE leader Josh Grant of the West Virginia Department of Education to spread the word, and motivate other states to follow in their success! Continue reading

Table Ball – PE Activity For Your Striking Unit


Table Ball PE Activity Striking Unit

PE Teacher Mike Ginicola shares how to play Table Ball to spice up your striking unit for grades 3-6.

After 18 years of teaching volleyball to my grades 3-6 classes, I was getting bored with it. I happened to come across a Twitter post with a video of a game called Table Ball by a colleague in my network (Bart Jones – @exercys).  Now that looked like a fun new way to work on striking skills! The game is easy to set up (assuming you have tables around!) and play. I always make sure there is a large space between tables for safety. Giving students a choice of multiple ball options is always a good practice. Continue reading

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