How to Celebrate Armed Forces Day – Nursing Facility


armed forces day nursing facilityArmed Forces Day is the day that we honor those who are currently serving in our military (unlike Veterans Day where we honor those who used to serve, or Memorial Day where we honor those who have given their lives while serving). Here are a few ideas from to try out with your residents on Armed Forces Day – Saturday, May 21st.

Begin the day by recruiting volunteers to help you decorate by placing red, white, and blue balloons throughout your facility. Balloons are the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate, and having classic red, white, and blue balloons throughout will create an immediate and festive atmosphere. If you are looking for exterior decorations, place  Continue reading

Activities for National PE & Sport Week


Sport Week

Did you know SHAPE America’s National Physical Education and Sport Week is May 1-7? The month of May is also National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. This special week is a great time to encourage both children and adults to try new activities in physical education and raise awareness about the importance of being active. PE teacher Justin Cahill shares a few great activities that he uses in his class that combine cooperation, fitness, and a touch of friendly competition.

Continue reading

Monthly Book Activity – Caps for Sale


caps for sale book activityApril Book Activity – Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Story Summary

A peddler is walking up and down the streets selling caps. He balances many gray, brown, blue and red caps on his head. One day he is feeling tired and takes a nap under a tree. When he wakes up his caps are gone! Where could his caps be?

Recommended Ages: Preschool – 1st grade

Activity 1

  • Before reading Caps for Sale, model taking a picture walk with the whole class. Start with showing the front of the book and pointing out the title and author. Then on the title page show the picture of the peddler and talk about what a peddler is. Continue reading

How to Celebrate After School Professionals Week


After School ProfessionalsThe last week of April is After School Professionals Appreciation Week! As a company that works with a ton of YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, School Districts, Parks & Recreation Programs, Child Care Centers, and all other organizations related to after school – we know how hard these professionals work!

There has been extra pressure added onto after school initiatives with many of the funding being cut from some classrooms like physical education, art, music, etc. The increase in homework throughout the years on younger age groups has created higher expectations of parents for them to have it done during after school hours. Also the need to provide affordable, or federally funded after school care for low income families or troubled teens is larger than ever. Whatever the case may be, the pressure to inspire and continue the education and well being of after school children is on for programs and the after school professionals running them. Continue reading

12 Sensory Activities for Residents with Dementia


Dementia Awareness Week is May 15th-21st. Provide reminiscing boxes for your staff members and volunteers to use for sensory activities or one-on-one visits with your residents with dementia. Check out these great ideas from

Simple Reminiscing Boxes to Create for Your Residents With Dementia

  1. Garden Box: Fill the container with Dementia patient activitiesherbs or seed packets for residents to plant. In addition, include small tools and garden gloves for residents to show you how to use them. Use mini flower pots for residents to plant a few of the seeds.
  2. Sewing Box: Supply a variety of colored thread for residents to reminisce about their sewing days. Use a thimble and pin cushion for demonstrations, and include a Continue reading

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