A Religious Spin on the Potato Sack Race


Caterpillars & Butterflies (Based on 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Everyone loves a potato sack race! Take the opportunity to turn this friendly competition into a christian learning opportunity. The game below, using burlap potato sacks, is from our friends over at Sunday School Network.

potato sack race ideas

Set up:
Divide players into 4-6 players per team. Each team will need one potato sack. Line teams up at a starting point on one side of your playing area. First player in each team must stand inside his or her bag to start. Before playing the game, tell the players that when they are in their bags, they are like caterpillars in their cocoons. When the cocoons are removed, they become new creatures, “butterflies”.

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Team Building PE Activity with Hula Hoops


hula hoop PE activityBuild and Take Shelter: A Simple Team Building PE Activity Using Hula Hoops

Throughout my 21 years of teaching physical education, hula hoops have always been an effective tool in my arsenal of equipment.  Of their countless uses, one of my favorite activities with hula hoops is a team building challenge I call “Build and Take Shelter.”  This activity can be modified for any level from kindergarten and up.

The Set Up:

The set up for Build and Take Shelter is simple.  Prior to the students entering the gym, I spread out piles of six hula hoops throughout the gym.  When the students enter, we gather in an “information formation” to discuss our cooperative mission.  This is when I slowly demonstrate how to build a sphere or “shelter” with the hoops.  Continue reading

Fun Senior Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs


plastic Easter eggs activitiesNow that Easter is over, what are you going to do with all of those plastic Easter eggs? All of those eggs that you seem to accumulate more of each year should be put to good use! Here are 5 quick ideas from notjustbingo.com on how to use up some of those colorful eggs:

  1. Bird feeders. Instead of spreading peanut butter around pine cones to make bird feeders, simply use your plastic Easter eggs. Before the project, hot-glue the eggs closed and attach a ribbon to the top for hanging. After covering the eggs completely with peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed, hang the finished feeders on your backyard trees. Continue reading

Doily Lion Paper Craft for Kids


Doily lion paper craft tutorialCrafty Kate, our very own craft expert here at S&S, has some super creative ideas. She came up with this adorable doily lion craft for kids! It’s a very simple paper craft that requires simple craft materials. You can also use this as a Mother’s Day craft. Here is Kate’s tutorial:


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Simple Origami Lesson for Afterschool or Scout Groups


origami girl scoutsOur Girl Scout troop chose two countries to study for World Thinking Day in February, one of them being Japan. We decided to make origami animals for the event. This activity will appeal to young art enthusiasts and makers. Since we were only spending about 2 hours total on origami, it was important to keep the lesson simple.

Materials needed:

  • Printouts of pattern
  • Origami paper
  • Scissors (for fish pattern)

Here are some tips for how to teach a stress-free origami lesson.

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