Religious Craft Ideas for Activity Directors


With Holy Week (March 20-26) and Purim (March 23-24) fast approaching, activity directors may be looking for some ideas to use at their nursing facility. Here are a few ideas from for incorporating religious themed activities into your calendar.

  • religious activity directorsEncourage your Craft Club to use tissue paper and glue to make beautiful stained glass crafts. Use the finished pieces as works of art by taping them on a wall in your Activity Room.
  • Invite your Beading Club to string beads into the shape of crosses. Consider making the beaded necklaces as Easter gifts to those who attend Easter Sunday services in your facility.

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Field Day Activities for Team Building


It’s time to get excited about Field Day! Students and teachers look forward to this day because it gets them outside and having fun with new and exciting activities. Another great aspect of Field Day is it teaches kids the importance of working as a team. We’ve highlighted 12 different team building games and activities that are both challenging and fun! At the end of this blog you’ll find a link for our 3 FREE Field Day Guides with detailed activities submitted by professional PE teachers. Happy Field Day!

Team Bucket Challenge

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Monthly Book Activity – The BFG by Roald Dahl


The BFG book activityThe BFG – By Roald Dahl

Story Summary

A young orphan girl named Sophie lives in an orphanage run by the horrible Mrs. Clonkers. One night Sophie discovers a giant outside her bedroom window. He whisks her away to his homeland Giant Country. Sophie learns that the giant calls himself The Big Friendly Giant (BFG), who blows dreams into children’s bedrooms at night. Sophie and The BFG quickly become friends and embark on a great adventure together.

Recommended Ages: Grades 3 – 5

Activity 1

As the students have just started reading The BFG, gather the class on the carpet to introduce a writing activity. Write this prompt on chart paper – “You have just been picked up by giant hands. What would happen next?” Have the students turn and talk to the person sitting next to them. Now have students Continue reading

Tips on How to Marble & Supplies for Marbling


One of my favorite craft products that we have started selling this year is our Marbling Kit. I was first introduced to it at our internal New Products Trade Show, and I liked it so much that I purchased our marble concentrate to try myself at home.


This craft was so much fun! It takes some prep work, but the great news is you can mix the concentrate ahead of time (you need hot water and a whisk) and store it, or put aside until you are ready to use.  Although pictures and the short video from our trade show below will give you the main concept of marbling, as a first time user I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that you can refer to before you get started.

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KISS – Classroom Management for 4th Grade Teachers


4th Grade classroom management

Today’ KISS – Keep It Simple Strategies – Classroom Management for 4th Grade Teachers

In my 3rd Grade blog for this series I said, “Let your curriculum be the framework for classroom management”. It was good advice for 3rd Grade, it is critical for 4th Grade. Manage classroom routines and structure firmly in the first week of school to make way for getting down to work. A teacher can establish a tone that speaks to students and says; “We’re going to get to work.”

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