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Professional Development at PE Central for PE Teachers!

Our friends over at PE Central continue to do amazing things for the Physical Education community!  I have had the honor of working on a few projects with Mark Manross from PE Central, and with each project I grow more respect and adoration for PE Teachers and their passion for what they do.

PE Central Online Professional Development School 

My favorite project thus far has been working with Mark to develop PE Central’s online school that features professional development opportunities for PE Teachers. I was so surprised when I read surveys from hundreds of Physical Education Teachers that expressed the lack of continuing education and professional development out there available to them. Teachers are being required to complete multiple hours of professional development credits and CEUs every year, yet many feel they are not receiving valuable knowledge or tools to implement in their classrooms. Mark and his team wanted to change that for the PE Community.

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AlertSeat – Innovative Seating For Your Classroom


AlertSeat for classroomBack in the second or third grade classroom again, and hoping that recess gets here soon!  All of us can remember those days in elementary or even middle school when our inner scholar was challenged again and again by hard, uncomfortable seats and the teacher’s stony gaze that seemed always to turn on us when the urge to stretch or fidget became irresistible.

In today’s classroom, things can be different and better. There is a new choice for every student that combines the best current ideas in seated movement and learning promotion.  It’s called the AlertSeat, and it provides a unique combination of correctly sized ball seating with comfort and stability. They can change the learning environment in your classroom.

AlertSeat Design

AlertSeats allow ease of alertseatmovement, even bouncing and repetitive motion, without disrupting the class or the individual student’s focus and attention. Their design, in five sizes, includes a heavy duty therapy ball enclosed in a zip off washable cover, secured with Velcro attaching straps to a matching six leg stable stand with molded on rubber feet, and a convenient carrying handle. Continue reading

Tips For Your Nursing Facility – Keeping Residents Active


Is your Activity Room pretty empty after lunch? Keep your nursing facility residents from losing energy in the afternoon by scheduling fun, interactive activities that keep your residents engaged after lunchtime. Here are a few tips from to get you started:

  1. nursing facility residentsAdd social games or icebreakers immediately after lunch for residents to engage with their fellow residents. Use fun games like Toss ‘n Talk-About® Reminiscing Ball to get residents talking with one another while also working their arm muscles.
  2. Schedule physical games right after lunch to help residents burn off calories while beating the afternoon slump. Play games like indoor tennis, using plastic tennis rackets and inflated balloons, or pin pong  to keep residents moving and having fun
  3. Award small prizes for your afternoon games to encourage your really competitive residents to participate. After all, who doesn’t want to win something? Simply create fun tournaments for the games that your residents usually enjoy, like bowling or a tossing game like this Tic Tac Toe Floor game, and award small prizes or trophies to the winners. Continue reading

Traditional Toys for Childhood Development


Traditional toys for developmentWe all remember the simplicity of traditional toys like matchbox cars, toy soldiers, picture books, Lego, and games like Candy Land. Now, kids have the option of electronic toys like learning tablets, remote control robots, and electronic readers. The technology era has advanced toys from generation to generation. So which toys are better for your kids?

Research suggests that some gadgets can make parents less likely to engage in meaningful give-and-take with their children. Electronic toys don’t allow the parents to interact as much with their child like traditional toys do. Kids are so focused on the electronic toy that they vocalize less, so parents tend to stop talking as well.

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics showed consistent results with books andtraditional toys
traditional toys producing more words per minute on average than with electronic toys. Traditional toys also encourage kids to say certain words about the topic, like “A cow goes moo” or “The star is yellow”. Electronic gadgets may say these things for children, causing them to internalize and speak less out loud. Continue reading

Buddy Bench for Bully Awareness


buddy bench for friendshipBack in October, S&S donated a Buddy Bench to the Colchester Elementary School in honor of Bully Prevention month. We wanted to continue spreading awareness by sharing the meaning behind the Buddy Bench, and acknowledging that friendship can be encouraged throughout the school year.

Friendships Buddy Bench

Colchester Elementary School is now using their Buddy Bench in their kindergarten wing, so that kids just starting out in school can learn the importance of kindness and friendship. Recognizing safe spaces and teaching empathy is crucial in the early years. The bench also makes it easier for staff to visually recognize when kids may be struggling during unstructured time at the school.

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