5 Group Christmas Craft Activities


group craft activities holidayThe holiday season can be full of activities that are perfect for a group craft activity. Whether it is for a home holiday party, a Sunday School class or after school program, crafts can offer your group an opportunity to create something special for this season of giving. Here are a couple of our Christmas craft kits that can help your group get into the spirit! To make it even easier for you, remember that all our craft kits come with instructions and supplies!

Sparkle Tree Craft Kit

christmas craft

Kids can make and decorate their own Christmas tree! This pack of 12 includes the foam trees, mini pom pons, glitter glue and tacky glue. Use the assorted colors of glitter glue to add extra sparkle to your tree. You can squeeze out small dots, lines or swirls onto
the green foam making the spaces in between your pom poms shine!

Nativity FunScene Craft Kit

christmas group craft

A coloring activity great for an activity at a holiday fair, Advent program or Sunday School class. Once the pieces are colored, kids cut out the pieces and create their own nativity scene! This pack of 24 includes crayons, glitter glue, and glue sticks.

Holiday Ornament Craft Kit

holiday ornament craft

A colorful way to start your holiday! With 72 ornaments to decorate, this holiday ornament craft kit is perfect for a large group activity with varied ages. Use glitter squares, felt, color gem pins, and paint to create your own work of art! Plus there is no glue required!

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No-Flame Advent Wreath – Christian Activity


no flame advent wreath

Approximate Time: 30 Minutes
Appropriate Ages: 4-10

A No-Flame Advent Wreath is a great way for young
children to celebrate the Advent season! Children are
able to make and “light” their wreaths without the danger of being burned!

Set aside a few minutes each day during Advent to
“light” the candle(s) and worship. This will help everyone
in the family to get ready for Jesus’ birthday celebration!
On the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day burn the
first candle, read the Scripture references, sing a carol
and pray. On the next Sunday, you will burn the first and
second candle. Continue in this manner until the Sunday
before Christmas when you will burn all four candles. On
Christmas Day you burn the center “Christ Candle,”
signifying that Jesus has come!

What You Need
4 cardboard toilet paper rolls, 1 cardboard paper towel roll (cut 1/3 of it off), glue, yellow tissue
paper, purple, pink, white paint (or colored construction paper), a Styrofoam disk, green paint,
small pine branches (real or silk pics).

What You Do
Paint 3 t.p. rolls purple and 1 pink (or cut and wrap colored construction paper around the
rolls). Paint the paper towel roll white, or wrap with white paper. Paint the Styrofoam disk
green. Allow to dry. Carefully push, while twisting the t.p. rolls into the disk (see the picture
above). You can place a bead of glue on the bottom edges of the cardboard rolls so they’ll stay put. Place the pine pics around the cardboard rolls. Push yellow tissue paper into the
cardboard rolls and then pull up to “light” your “candles.”

Learn more about Advent!

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Ideas Worth Sharing – Cognitive Therapy


We survey many of our customers and sometimes we ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Judy from Golden LivingCenter – Dartmouth, shares with us her activity at the nursing center using our wide selection of Beads, such as the Glass Beads.

“I do cognitive stimulation at my nursing center. Beads are an excellent tool for this. It is a fun way to integrate therapy because the residents get to keep their results. For example when a package of beads comes in we use those extra large S – S pill holders to separate the beads by color. It helps the cognitive challenged to recall the colors by name and to differentiate the colors by putting them in different slots. Then we will assist them in making a bracelet or necklace which is a good fine motor exercise. Later on if an alert resident wants to do an independent beading activity in her room we give her a container of beads and some elastic string and away she goes creating awesome jewelry. We have some cognitively challenged residents that love to decorate. It gives them a sense of pride.”

bead ideas worth sharing

What is the most creative way you have used these colorful beads?

Colors of Christ Bracelet – Religious Craft Activity


christian bracelet craftWhen teaching children about faith and sharing stories from the Bible, it helps if they can have an activity that instills the messages they are learning. This Christian Craft Bracelet idea from Sunday School Network involves stringing beads on jute or rawhide. Each bead color is related to a Biblical Truth. When children are done with each bead and message, you can help them tie off the end cord to fit their wrist.

Approximate Time: 10 Minutes
Appropriate Ages: 8-15
Materials/Equipment needed:
Cord such as jutecotton cord or this elastic cord
Pony beads: black, white, red, blue, green, and gold or yellow.

Biblical Truths for each color:

Black = Sin
The black bead reminds us of our sin which separates us from God and dooms us to eternal darkness. Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (see also Ephesians 2:11-13)

Red = Christ’s Blood
The red bead symbolizes Christ’s’ blood shed for you and me. Romans 5:8-9 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us…we have been justified by his blood…”

White = Prayer of Repentance For Cleansing
The white bead represents the cleansing that occurs when a sinner repents and turns to God. Psalm 51:1-2 “Have mercy on me, Oh God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” Continue reading

9 Ways to Add More “Giving” to the Giving Season


Holiday Community Giving Ideas The holidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate than to bring some holiday cheer to those around us! It’s so important to be a part of the community and brighten the Giving this Holiday Seasonseason for those in need. Our friends from notjustbingo.com have shared some ways to give back to the community during the holidays:

  1. Set up a Giving Tree. Simply set up a small holiday tree in your facility that is adorned with paper ornaments that contain the Christmas toy wishes of kids from the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Encourage family members and staff members to pick one of the ornaments and purchase the gift for the child.
  2. Adopt a Family. Contact a local church or synagogue to find a local family in need that your facility can adopt during the holidays. Involve your whole organization with the effort. For example, encourage your Crafts Club to make no-sew blankets, invite your Baking Club to make Christmas candy bark, and recruit family and staff members to donate toys to the family.
  3. Host a Bake Sale. Recruit your facility’s Baking Club to bake a host of holiday goodies to sell to raise money for a local charity for the holidays.
  4. Begin a Clothing Drive. Set up several large boxes in your facility as you encourage people to purge their closets and get rid of any unnecessary items.
  5. Organize a Food Drive. Invite family members to bring a non-perishable canned good in exchange for attendance to your annual holiday party.
  6. Schedule a Silent Auction. Giving back to the communityEncourage residents or students to create crafts and artwork that can be sold during a silent auction at one of your holiday events. Donate the proceeds to a local charity.
  7. Provide Treats for First Responders. Provide your Baking Club with the necessary supplies to whip up batches of freshly baked cookies to deliver to your local police and fire stations for the holidays.
  8. Make Christmas and Hanukkah Cards for Troops. Invite residents or students to make holiday cards to send overseas to U.S. troops.
  9. Plan a Bachelor Auction. Recruit your facility’s men to “donate themselves” for a good cause. Ask the men to participate in a fun bachelor’s auction, and they can dress in holiday themes! Staff and family members can bid to win a dinner with the men in your facility’s Dining Room. Donate the proceeds to a worthy cause.

How are you helping your community this holiday season? We would love to hear your ideas below in comments.

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