Pom Pom Tree



My favorite type of craft is the kind where you can re-purpose and up-cycle ordinary items that might have otherwise been overlooked or thrown away. After our long New England winter, there was plenty of debris scattered around outside.  One afternoon on my lunch break, I decided to venture outside and see what I could collect. I ended up with some leaves, rocks, and twigs. I’m sure people in my office were very confused as to what I was doing.

With our Merchandising Department close by, I luckily have access to a plethora of crafty materials and tools, however, with this next craft all you need is pom poms (a crafty essential), a glue gun, and some twigs from outside!

After collecting the twigs, I cleaned off the access dirt and leaves and then started to glue on colorful pom poms… and that’s it… I now have this adorable pom pom tree! Since I love mason jars, I obviously chose to use one as a vase. I created an even more fun and playful look by filling the mason jar up with leftover pom poms and making a pipe cleaner flower to adorn the top. The flower is super easy to make, just twirl five pipe cleaners around your finger and glue into place. Twirl a last pipe cleaner into a small bud and glue in the center.

Not only is this project super easy, but it costs almost nothing to make and will jazz up any classroom, office, desk, etc!

Physical Educators – Making a Difference


I love physical education teachers

Physical Education teachers are truly amazing! I have believed this ever since I become one back in 1986 and I was reminded of how truly special they are the other day while reviewing 236 responses to a survey that S&S conducted on PE Central. Question number 21 of the survey reads, “What gets you most excited about your physical education job?”

The responses to this question were truly inspiring and led me to write this blog post.

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Using Bingo to Keep Your Classroom Focused


classroom bingo cageI’m on the marketing team here at S&S, and I thought I’d share a teaching tip from my wife Amy. She’s an amazing teacher and I have no doubt based on the great job she did in helping raise our two amazing adult children. Just about everyone at S&S knows I’m married to a teacher since every other week I mention this in a meeting. The meeting goes something like this: “Yeah, my wife who teaches 3rd grade says we should be doing {insert new idea of the week here}”.

So one rainy day, one of our merchandising managers was cleaning up his office during his annual spring cleaning event. His office literally was piled from floor to ceiling with an assortment of balls, hula hoops, bean bags and a myriad of other toys and games. Knowing my wife is a teacher, he asked if my wife needed a Bingo game for her class. I brought the bingo cage and balls home to my wife to see if it was something she could use at her school.

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13 Products You Need This Summer!



Okay so maybe “need” is a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll let you be the judge. Get ready to have a blast this summer, because you can plan the best summer ever with our favorite products. I think you’ll agree that these items are great for outdoor fun!

13 summer outdoor activities

Super Sizing Summer for Super Amazing Fun

Jumbo Jam Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop summer

Adults and Kids could have fun with this for hours.  It’s a safer version of a bounce house and there are so many games you could incorporate with it.

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Four Fuse Bead Patterns Sure to Make your Heart Melt



Fuse beads (or hama beads as they are sometimes known) have been around since the beginning of time. Ok maybe not that long, but definitely since I was a little girl crafting at my mom’s kitchen table in Michigan. I’m always delighted to see how crafters remix and reinvent this beloved craft staple. From jewelry to bike bling, it’s amazing how many things these little guys can come together to make! Teamwork, am I right? Check out a few of our favorite fuse bead creations below!

DIY Fuse Bead Bunting

see tutorial at Paper and Pin

Fuse bead bunting

We love this festive take on the traditional chevron. These would make the perfect craft for a child’s birthday party or even to hang in a bedroom or playroom as handmade decoration. Keep them varied and colorful, or go with a monochromatic color scheme for an elevated look!

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